Felicity Huffman is a woman who knows how to dress when she’s going to court. Simple, modest, nothing flashy – no designer labels – grey dress, sensible shoes. Even more important, she has the right look on her minimally made up face. She’s giving no thought to the paparazzi. It’s apparent she takes the situation VERY SERIOUSLY and is genuinely sorry for the crime she committed. Today she pled guilty for taking part in the college admissions bribery scheme in front of a Boston judge, and looks ready to accept her punishment.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Too bad she didn’t invest the $15K into an SAT tutor to help her kid improve themselves so the daughter could accomplish a higher score by her own hard work & merit.

    That said, she obviously listens to her attorney in things like how to comport herself & agreeing to fall on her sword, own up to the cheating, & take the punishment. That’s the smartest thing to do. She’ll get a few months in jail & will be able to do a ‘Martha Stewart’ comeback afterwards. People forget Martha lied/cheated with stock trades & went to prison for 5 months.

  2. Still don’the believe she’ll spend a day in jail. Home confinement (restricted to the East Wing! 😀 ), maybe—but we shall see…

    In the meantime, she’s relying—apparently—on her hunky, pricey lawyer for hand-holding support; so where is her HUSBAND at this devastating time??!!

  3. Mixed thoughts on Ms. Huffman. Should parents allow children to rise and fall on their own? Not everyone needs college to have a great and valuable life.

    Her “look” is likely from extensive plastic surgery; she supposedly got “the works” recently.

  4. She made a bad mistake, she admitted it, and is ready to pay the price. Lori Loughlin is the polar opposite, and she is the loser here.

  5. Meanwhile, the orange moron in the white house paid 1.4 million dollars to the University of Pennsylvania to gain admission for his demon spawn. Don Junior was known as Diaper Don because of his incontinence when drunk. So until Felicity Huffman is destroying the country, I don’t care.

  6. omg, don’t be so naive. her legal counsel told her exactly what to wear and how to appear.

  7. What she did is awful. It’s also awful when rich parents donate money to colleges to get their kids in.

  8. The govt wasted no time on this and made an example of these scammers. Next they should jump on all the fake Foundations that scammers like J Lo use to employ relatives at high wages from tax deductible money…..call them out and put them behind bars.

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