Hugh Hefner’s friends were appalled when he allowed his 26 year old runaway bride Crystal Harris move back into the Playboy mansion earlier this year. They felt she had really humiliated him by jilting him before their highly publicized June 2011 wedding, and he was behaving like a fool. Since he announced plans to reschedule the wedding for New Year’s Eve, they want Hef, 86, to have his head examined! Hefner’s pals feel that after Crystal dumped Hugh, she wised up to the fact that her young boyfriends wouldn’t spoil her like Hef did, and ultimately opted for the money. We’re hoping there were a lot of legal documents drawn up to make sure Crystal doesn’t take advantage of her aging husband.

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  1. It’s funny that Holly Madison was the only one that seemed to really love Hef, but he wouldn’t marry her, but he married all the girls that were iffy and didn’t care about him just his money…I wonder if Crystal will go back to Dr. Phil’s son once she marries Hef for a shag or two?

  2. Watch for the sales of Viagra to go up up up, way up. lol

  3. Why does everyone think Hef is being taken advantage of? He is a pig and this is a business deal. No illusions here, a bought and paid for beard. At his age and health issues, I bet viagra is a no-no. They deserve each other.

  4. I agree. He is and always has been a pig. Hardly a playboy-he’s always been butt ugly-even when he was young. What a joke.

  5. I see the proceeds from the first engagement ring has been spent.

  6. I like dlisted version of Hugh Heffner and the g.d. Life is too short and their is a fiscal cliff coming too. Homegirl is not having it.

    There is fiscal cliff for americans pockets but never a finacial cliff to kill people, drones, pay guards/soldiers to watch over the poppy seads in afgan and killing people in the middle east and the american soldiers.

  7. but they won’t get paid(his will) in the first place, hahahahahahahahahaha!!

  8. Hugh is over 21 and deserves what he gets. He wont be asking Obama to take care of him.

  9. Of COURSE there’s a pre-nup. This is a business decision. Hef feels she’s great for his image. She wants to lead a glamorous life she doesn’t have to finance herself.

    Not exactly the first time this has happened.

  10. You will never convince me a twenty- something can pretend to have sex with her great grandpa without vomiting. He smells like Ben Gay and musty balls.

  11. Thanks for the laugh palermo. I haven’t heard that ole Hugh has Alzheimer’s so let him do what and who he wants. His eyes are wide open on this one.

  12. I’m sure Crystal has Gloria Allred on retainer to do a deal after Hugh croaks during the honeymoon.

  13. He’s in love and she loves his money. The marriage will end w/in a year – but not before she has taken him to the cleaners. I agree w/ you, Janet — a great pre-nup is needed. BTW, I saw her on The View shortly after the first breakup… and she is DUMB.
    I still do not understand why Hef didn’t marry Holly. Like so many others, I think she really did love him. What do you know about this that we don’t know, Janet? 🙂

  14. Hef has been thru decades of sex germs, booze, women and anything else filthy. He has built up his immune system and will outlive her. LOL

  15. Hef doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy. Indy, really, an 86 year old will outlive a 26 year old? Too funny!

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