Austin Butler looks like the perfect gentleman escorting former Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley to the Golden Globes Elvis birthday party (born Jan 8) at The Formosa in Hollywood. Lisa Marie was bedazzled by Austin’s performance in the Elvis movie. She said it’s the first time she and her children and future grandchildren can be proud because Elvis is portrayed as a decent and caring person in the film. The Golden Globes had their usual round of parties before the award show in hopes they can regain respect with new HFPA rules and members. Not to mention a black, openly gay host – the adorable Jerrod Carmichael...

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. That “Black openly gay host” embarrassed himself, the gay community, the Golden Globes , the legacy of Whitney Houston and the Beverly Hills Hilton. Would not be surprising that future comedians performing there can say this is where Jarrod Carmichael killed his career. As well, the pretentiousness of these celebrities changing clothes every time you blink is gross. I did not know who this dude is and now I now he is not worthy of my time to try to find out. Not funny. A real groaner.

  2. I’ve never found him funny & he embarrassed himself with that awful Whitney Houston “joke”.
    But the Golden Globes have been a joke for years & the sole reason most people watched was when Ricky Gervais hosted.
    The ratings were so low this year, that most think NBC will never show it again & there aren’t any networks that will actually broadcast this pathetic joke!

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