Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are in total agreement about dogs and masks. They both adore their dogs (these pooches are Courtney’s) and urge everyone to wear masks. Earlier, they posted a photo of a previously healthy friend named Kevin in the hospital with dozens of tubes attached to his body, suffering with Covid-19 as a warning. The Friends stars insist “We want this to END –so wear a MASK!”



  1. I like JA, but I don’t need her or ANYONE, especially from the wicked and twisted world of Hollywood,telling me what to do. Masks are UNSANITARY and unheathy. I don’t know why these types think we’re waiting with baited breath to hear their self-important opinions. Stick to memorizing lines.

  2. Having worked in the medical field for 19 years, I can explain how masks are designed to work, when they are effective, and when they are not; this isn’t my opinion, it’s medical fact, and can easily be verified provided your source doesn’t have a political agenda.
    1) Masks are worn during surgery to help reduce the transmission of bacteria from the surgeon to the patient. Please take note of two things; masks REDUCE transmission – they don’t PREVENT it entirely – and, we’re talking about bacteria, not viruses. Bacteria are many thousands of times bigger than a particle of virus, on the scale of an elephant compared to an ant.
    2) The size of a COVID-19 virus particle is 0.125 microns, which you would never be able to see without an electron microscope. The best mask available to the public is an N-95, or KN-95 (depending on the manufacturer) mask, which, as the name implies, filters out about 95% of the garbage in the air you don’t want to breathe. The particle filter in this type of mask filters things as small as 0.3 microns, which is roughly 3 times the size of a corona virus particle. What that means is, even this most sophisticated of masks available to the general public can’t stop the corona virus from infecting you, or leaving your body to infect someone else. The cloth weave masks that most people are wearing now, such as those worn by Cox and Aniston, offer no protection whatsoever. The Powers That Be were correct back in March, when they told us insistently don’t wears masks, but wash your hands frequently and maintain a sensible, safe distance (the 6 foot rule is arbitrary)from those who may be ill. Along the way, they decided that pushing the mask business is an excellent way to control us, and gauge our willingness to sacrifice freedom for safety. There is no good medical reason for masks, which is confirmed by any medical authority without a political agenda; even the oh-so-political CDC states that wearing masks MAY protect, not that it DOES protect. That same organization also makes it clear that COVID-19 is a MILD virus – their description, not mine – and only poses a serious threat to those with a co-morbidity. It’s clear that approximately 80% of those who test positive for corona virus suffer no signs of illness at all, and 19.7% experience mild to moderate symptoms that don’t require medical intervention. At no time in recorded history have we quarantined healthy individuals, and the H1N1 outbreak in 2010 was much worse than what we are experiencing now, in terms of illness and mortality, to use a recent example. Studies in Europe have demonstrated that children are naturally resistant to corona virus, to the point that they aren’t even carriers; kids should be permitted to return to school and normal activities. While positive corona virus cases are spiking, remember that positive doesn’t mean sick; again, 80% of these positive cases have no signs illness. Testing have increased 2000%, so it makes sense that the number of positive cases has gone up as well. Furthermore, these positive cases include patients who have been tested more than once – every time they are tested, and come back positive, that’s counted as another positive case! Again, that statistic is from the CDC, don’t take my word for it. I don’t know if the medical “experts” and the political leaders subscribing to all of this are shockingly incompetent, or just outright lying to us, but it’s clear there’s something very wrong, and very sinister going on. I’m not suggesting that folks refuse to wear a mask – if there’s an executive order in your city to wear the damn thing, wear it – don’t pay these idiots a fine, they don’t deserve more of your hard earned money – but please, help your family and friends to get see past the fear mongering of the fake news media, do a little research, and learn the truth for themselves.

  3. Masks are very effective despite what the idiot above says.

  4. Masks are garbage. Only virtue signaling self hating leftist idiots support this rubbish.

  5. LOL – leftists can’t make an intelligent, reasoned fact-based argument to support their positions,so they always resort to name calling – “you’re a racist!, you’re a homophobe! you’re an idiot!” A leftist’s stock in trade is irrational emotion and over-reaction – see defacing buildings with graffiti, knocking down statues – ANY statues, mind you -torching businesses, breaking windows. They’re like children, really, calling names and throwing tantrums.

  6. If you notice, it’s ALWAYS the leftists pushing masks. The same people rioting, looting, tearing down statues and making racist statements about white people. This is not nor has ever been about public safety. It is about control. This is what communists do. They are obsessed with having “authority” over people and punish those who won’t play along. These people want to keep imposing lockdowns to kill the middle class and small business. There can be no private ownership of business or middle class in communism therefore they must be destroyed. And they want you to wear a mask forever simply to control and humiliate you. It’s the Jewish star for white people. How else do you explain the governor of Oregon saying “people of color” don’t have to wear the mask because it’s “humiliating” for them. So it’s ok to humiliate us?

    And no, I am not making this up. Look it up on duckduckgo.

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