She’s been off the radar for awhile, but Demi Moore surprised everyone when she appeared at Sundance flashing a BIG Hollywood smile and a whole lot of hair. She took time for autographs and photos and gathered quite a crowd just walking down the street. Demi is promoting her new comedy film Corporate Animals in which she plays an egotistical CEO who leads her staff into a disastrous situation.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. I never got what people saw in her for looks and she is getting more frightful as she ages.

  2. Hideous outfit. Did she really think this was a good choice when she looked in the mirror?

  3. It looks like she has had extensive plastic surgeries. She looks nothing like she used to.

  4. Ya know, she sorta looks like Lois Lane… if she cut her hair. Though, who’s in the back of that photo sporting those sunglasses.

    I guess when Bruce Willis saw thru her and moved on. Well, Hollywood and/or Madison Ave of the 1990’s though she was something but what is she really known for ? Besides marrying guys half her age or younger. Of course, she’s a bit like a Model T. Apparently everybody gets to ride her, as the young guys no doubt make her feel so young and well. Doubt if we’ll ever see her on a touring bicycle riding across North American any time soon with her younger daughters in tow on Route 66 to Chicago. Just in time for the Hotdog Festival.

  5. Clearly the Model T bit was a bit overstated. As per wiki bio of her.

    Hence if there is ever a biography movie about Nancy Pelosi. Who just so happens to have a rack about the same size as Demi’s and well. Isn’t it always about the way the clothes that fit on the person. Ya gotta wonder if Bruce Willis has any photos of her making a face like Nancy Pelosi at McConnell or Donald Trump. You know, the kind where she’s grilling him and he’s like get the f away from me.

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