We TOLD you that Courteney Cox was angling to get her estranged husband David Arquette into rehab for the holidays. And we weren’t exaggerating. Since they announced their split, he’s been partying like a madman. (Above, he’s dancing on a table in Miami) Now he‘s admitted to Howard Stern that he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown and he’s been drinking A LOT because he’s heartbroken about the separation. He says “Everybody’s worried about me,” and apparently his weekly visits to a psychiatrist aren’t helping. It sounds like Courteney will get her wish very soon.


  1. The big question is: What the hell is with the sausage fest?

    David, you are at least reasonably attractive, have some fame and money, and are dealing with the end of a marriage. Do what you are supposed to do, and go to strip clubs, hire some escorts, and date some hoes. Call Charlie Sheen…he knows what to do…can do it in his sleep.

  2. He’s literally dancing on the table, a worn out partying cliche from the movies. I’m beginning to appreciate why Courteney decided to pull the plug. His comments and behavior in general suggest someone who is getting a wake up call he isn’t heeding, making him a perfect candidate for rehab Hollywood style.

  3. He’s always been really creepy to me and she’s always been just a slug. Just boring ass folks.

  4. What a Drama Queen!! Maybe his sister “Alexis” isn’t the only one with the female tendencies. Maybe this is the real issue going on. David needs to get in touch with his feminine side.

  5. the boys are glad to show him their devotion.

  6. All of the Arquettes have a crazy gene; they can’t help it. David may be the worst one, even more than Alexis. I was surprised when they got hitched, because surely Courteney knew right then that he was nutty and unstable.

  7. He’s such a big sissy and crybaby. He wants everyone to feel sorry for him. His cry-baby attitude is annoying as hell.

  8. “Everybody is worried about me”; uh, no, no they’re not.

    I told you he was a total jackass, he’s never acted mature in any way.

  9. She did marry a young guy so you can’t fault him for resorting back to a time when life was young, fun, and full of cum. Courtney wanted to marry Michael Keaton, when that didn’t happen she rebounded on him. So party on player.

  10. David is younger than Courtney, but he is no spring chicken himself — he was born in 1971, which makes him 39 for God’s sake!

    It is funny how the “Sibling Society” really messes with peoples concepts of age and maturity. A drinking buddy of mine, who was 39 at the time, once said something about wanting to go to a cougar bar, and hook up with a cougar. I pointed out that cougars are 40 year old women who chase after guys in their twenties. On a sliding scale, a cougar to a 40 year old guy would be…uhm….60!

  11. so last week you slag Howard Stern, now you use his show to do your reporting for you.

  12. Does David have much of a “career” besides those terrible “Scream” sequels, and being the young stud (hahahahahaha) of Courtney Cox? Frankly, the visual of him getting it on with ANYBODY just about makes ME cry!

  13. Reta, I totally agree with you. David reminds me a big stupid sloppy dog. Can’t see Courtney/Monica tolerating being pawed and slobbered over.

    Actually the visual is making me nauseous.

  14. Indy, you nailed it, there is a crazy and freaky gene in the entire family.

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