Couple: Unsatisfied

They seemed like America’s sweethearts. It was a shock when they broke up because it looked like like they were made for each other. Career pressures and separations led to suspicions. They were both young and accused each other of cheating. But cheating wasn’t the REAL reason they split. Actually, SHE was never satisfied. HE wasn’t well endowed and she didn’t realize what she was missing until she had an affair!

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59 thoughts on “Couple: Unsatisfied

  1. Jessica and Nick is a good guess except for the fact that he stated on numerous occasions on newlyweds that she never put out and he wasn’t really satisfied! And he turned 30 in their first year of…not that young!
    I’m going to go with the mess formerly known as Britney and JT.

  2. brittany murphy and ashton kutcher. On the David Letterman show a few years ago, Dave said to Brittany, “Do you see how Ashton (her ex-boyfriend) is dating Demi Moore? Apparently age doesn’t matter to him.” To which Brittany responded, “well size must not matter to her.”

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