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All of a sudden Tom Cruise is taking a special interest in his son Connor’s job as a DJ. It could be that Tom senses Connor is in the early stages of drifting away from Scientology. Although his Scientology home schooled “education” hardly prepared Connor for any kind of work in the real world, the clever boy managed to cultivate his love of music into a career. Now he’s getting gigs and traveling the world and meeting new people every day. He’s learned that many European countries frown on the cult of Scientology. It will be awhile before Connor has the courage to break away from the cult, but the seeds are planted. He has Scientology bodyguards that report back to Tom, and perhaps that’s why Tom is keeping a closer eye on his son. Tom doesn’t have to worry about Connor’s sister Bella – she’s living quietly with her Scientology boyfriend. (Above, Connor at Chinawhite club in London where Tom paid him a surprise visit.)

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  1. The evil of this cult and Tom Thumb knows no bounds. I doubt Tom Thumb will allow him to escape the evil cult!

  2. I’d be surprised if that was the reason. I still think he is taking interest in Connor to boost his public image from the divorce. He wants people to think he is a caring dad but he has no clue how to care for anyone except by giving them money as we saw when he had his visit with Suri. Instead of quality time, he just spent tons of money to make her happy.

  3. PR plan and simple. Tom looks bad in the press so voila as son he never sees gets a VERY public visit. “See I am a caring non brain washed Dad!”

  4. Such a good looking kid. Hopefully his music takes him far far away from Scientology.

  5. To preserve his sanity, not to mention his soul, I hope Connor breaks away from the cult. Then he will find the tiny evil one is not the caring and nurturing father he pretends to be. Over his 2 wives and 3 kids, the titmouse loves SCIentology more than anything.

  6. OOOps, meant to say three (3) ex-wives, forgot about Mimi Rogers.

  7. hope so, black folks look down on idiot habbits like tom cruise has!!

  8. Run, Connor, run! You’re a good looking kid, and you could learn a lot if you just got away from those nutjob Scientology folks. Tommy Boy only cares about two things, well maybe three: Himself, making movies, and Scientology, If he had a brain that wasn’t fried by Scientology, he’d know that you have to be PRESENT in your children’t lives more than a few months out of the year to be a halfway decent parent. I mean, how much money does this clown really need? Oh, wait, he has to keep making millions so that he can keep giving gobs of it to “the church”. He’s a fraud, and not even a very good actor. He’s gotten by on his looks, mostly, for all these years.

  9. I heard that Bella’s boyfriend was shipped off to the Sea Org…

  10. Check out Tony Ortega’s blog at the Village Voice

  11. Wow. Really guys? Nice trolling. The response thread here makes for colorful reading as long as you don’t accept it as fact. Facts? 1. You know nothing about the relationship between this father and his son. You are not there. You read removed 3rd party accounts sensationalized to draw eyeballs to sell advertising. Bad father? Way to ignore the fact that Connor chose to live with his father over his mother. Makes total sense. 2. Clearly, by your posting, you know nothing about Scientology and choose instead to embrace the standard bigoted hater-cause-I-have-no-life-of-my-own-worth-focusing-on dogma of other comment thread trolls. What a waste of space.

  12. Did anyone else notice the man behind Connor in the pic has 2 hands on him and it appears that there are 2 other bodyguards right there as well? Are people really trying to mob this kid? I think Scientoligists are good at keeping their hands on their meal ticket. Or their meal ticket’s son in this case.

  13. I don’t know. Tom seems to have peddled his son’s various careers for a while now and uses the kids for publicity. I also heard Bella’s bf entered the Sea Org but doubtful he’ll be treated like other members. They’ll never see each other if he is.

    Unless you’ve heard something specific Janet, Connor can stay in Scientology, living the privileged life he always has, never having to play by the same lousy rules as everyone else. His father certainly has.

  14. Denying people an education, ala scientology, is the best way to keep the members under control.

  15. @ Anti-Ignorance, thanks for the laughs, btw, I had an interesting chat wit Xenu (sp?) the other day at the deli…. boy is he/she/it pissed !

  16. Anti Ig,
    We don’t have to have intimate info to discern that Tom is a freak and a controller and “worships” in a “church” that demands its devotees to shun forever those who are deemed “suppresives”.

    There’s info-a-plenty on the web about the abusive, militant and criminal tactics used by the Church of Scientology to muzzle those who have sought Exodous from it. So that genie is outta the bottle and can’t be put back in. We’re all wise to Sci’s and you.

    In other words, those who have gone all the way with Scientology, and have left to tell the world the truth, will not be going back to holding hands with it or its devotees… Tom included.

  17. And everyone can see that Tom kept his 2 oldest kids from their mom, Nicole Kidman. How the Hell are those actions that of a good father??

    Tom is a controller, who belongs to a controlling enterprise and who happily continues to trumpet its supposed virtues to the world.

    Can’t wait for Katie to spill…

  18. Do Scientology peeps have to wear secret underwear? And do they have a secret handshake or something?

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