As long as photoshopping is available, Christina Aguilera has no intention of worrying about her weight. In new promotional photos (top photo) for The Voice, Christina appears flawless and and much slimmer than she was just a few months ago. Christina has defended her size and insists she’s happy with her looks. But if that’s true, why does this new photo seems so retouched?

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  1. “Miss Piggy” herself sees it as fun to fool americans.
    ………..and why not?


  2. Imagine the sight of the ‘plus sized” Crissy in a chair with Sam Ronson between her knees and you will understand much more about her.

  3. Somebody has an obsession with weight…….who could it be?

    The photo is retouched because her PR people are like you and think everyone should be pencil thin and sickly. I don’t want her to be obese and unhealthy but if she is happy with her current weight, then leave her alone.

    I work very hard to watch what I eat and excercise daily. I’m slender simply because I’m old and it extends my life a little bit more to be at a good healthy weight and exercise for the blood circulation and ticker.

  4. What a bizarre post, Janet. Why are you picking on Christina for something they ALL do?

  5. She won’t give up the alcohol so her weight is here to stay

  6. I love you people -(Read: Hate you people)- You get such joy out of running people down. I saw this young lady on The Tonight Show not too long ago, and she looked great. Her performance was flawless.. so what is your damned problem? Get an honorable job, you pig.

  7. It’s an illusion dress and if photo shopped just a bit on the sides., they slimmed down her face and neck. she’s actually not that fat in real life.. but doesn’t dress properly for her body.., and that straggly dry hair has to be fixed..

  8. She is still severely damaged by her former Jewish husband and the Disney Lawyers which ran her into the ground, all for money.

  9. The basic facts are:

    She does have a great voice.

    She parties too much (pics in The Star shows her staggering out of a NYC club at 3:00 AM and being helped into a limo).

    It goes without saying she is not eating right and too much.

    It’s been reported she spends little time with her son.

  10. I can see critisizing her for being a horrible person, but to take jabs at her weight is just waaaay too easy. There’s so much more to get her for.

  11. Not everyone is a supermodel. Christina tends to look larger because she doesn’t dress (in my opinion) her body properly. She looks amazing in the photo at the top.

    Love her on The Voice and when her makeup is toned down, she’s a knockout.

  12. She is a singer not a model…Maybe the 2nd picture is photo shopped to make her look so not like the first picture?

  13. Can’t hide the vacant stare. I hope she is able to pull away from the alcohol and become reinvested in her life, somehow.

  14. First off the “after” picture is purposely lousy in an attempt to make Christina look like she has a big fat stomach. That’s her knee pushing the dress out not her belly. Whatever Janet Charlton gets paid it’s too much.

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