Hard to believe that model Christie Brinkley has already been eligible for Social Security for a year – she turns 66 on Feb 2! But retirement is not in her near future. Besides modeling, Christie has her name on a skin care line, hair extensions, eyeglasses, and the sparkling wine she’s promoting in New York. This adds up to quite a nice financial empire- Christie is now worth around 80 million dollars. Not only that, but she’s single!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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  1. Constantly praising those who have money to invest in surgery, expensive spas and cosmetoligist to make them appear younger than they are constributes to myth looking young forever is good and aging naturally is bad. Its a false narrative that has a detrimental effect on society in general. Let’s focus on Jamie Lee Curtis for natural beauty, Judy Dench for inspiration. Of these three women, only two have had lasting relationships and these two seem to have more depth as a person and a professional. Just sayin’

  2. Kudos to lippp. Take away her extensions/wigs, plastic surgeries, false eyelashes and body sculpting…she wouldn’t even look like this.

    The average woman doesn’t have access to all the fairness that her money buys.

    She is a pretty lady, however, at 66, it’s all fake now.

    Show women who aren’t afraid to be themselves. This lady us fake.

  3. I hate auto-correct. Fairness is not what I typed. FAKENESS is what I typed.

  4. Christie Brinkley takes steroids and other drugs plus plastic surgery to look young.

  5. I don’t mind wealth but in this world, why are people lauding obscene wealth? Would her lifestyle be any different if she only had 50 million rather than 80 million? Would her children be deprived if she only had 50 million rather than 80 million?

  6. This is what almost 66 looks like – with extensive cosmetic surgery, personal trainers, a personal chef, a staff to wait on you hand and foot, an on-call makeup artist and hairstylist, a personal stylist to choose clothes, and enough money to avoid the stress of trying to make ends meet every month for years on end. Whatever beauty she projects on the outside must not translate to the inside, because Brinkley has a string of failed marriages, children with serious emotional problems…Janet, if you think the way she looks is what’s important, your priorities are a mess!

  7. You have to be 66 now for Social Security at her age, unless you take it at 62 & then receive a lower monthly benefit. So she’s still a few months away from it.

  8. May Musk looks great and I see no evidence of surgery or fillers on her. Can we please stop making it a crime to look your age? We are all going to look OLD one day whether we like it or not. Just keep up with fashion, update your hairstyle and don’t act like some curmudgeon and you will be fine.

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