We can’t believe that Cher had a boyfriend for a YEAR that went pretty much under the radar. She and Ron Zimmerman, a comic and writer and buddy of Howard Stern, spent every spare minute together after they were introduced last year by a mutual friend. They were seen side by side in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and they vacationed in Hawaii more than once. Eventually their busy schedules kept them apart more often than not. Absence did NOT make their hearts grow fonder. The relationship wound down into friendship, but they still chat almost every day.


  1. cher has never seem to be able to maintain much long term with guys…. not that it is ALL CHER ALL THE TIME then again
    i ain’t there…..

    all these stars suffer the same slings n arrows as we mere mortals……I know for sure, I would DIE if MY private life was made public for everyone to see….. OY.

  2. Well, I guess everyone needs to get a little every now and then!!

  3. Looks like a shot from an Oprah show: Grandma and Grandpa Are Stuck in the 70’s and Need a Makeover

  4. Cher still looks not too bad, at least here she is fine…but the no name fake ass “cowboy” with the Yosemite Sam Mustache Ride and beer gut, needs to be kidnapped by several men in matching black suits and sunglasses driving a white Astrovan… and then shaved all over and released naked into the wilds of Beverly Hills. Maybe this is where those freaks that keep winding up at Paris Hilton’s door come from…?

  5. look outside the states for a boy friend.

  6. At least the guy is age-appropriate for Cher. She is no fool, and know now that she could never date a guy below 50, 55, without looking like some sort of pervy bingo lady.

  7. Boy, has she put on some serious weight. And she used to have such a lovely figure!

  8. Sistah Woman likes the young stuff. Surprised she hasn’t dipped down into the high school pool yet.

    Zac Efron may be available. or not.

  9. Reta, I think bagel boy went back to being bagel boy. I saw some recent picture of him and he is seriously balding, and not in much better shape than this current guy.

    However bad one may feel Cher looks now, she had a really great run, much better than the average actress, never mind woman. And let’s not talk about men…we generally have very short shelf lives.

  10. Cher, pretend you’re in Moonstruck, and get yourself a makeover.

  11. I believe Cher’s has finally realized life isn’t about being out there 24/7 and going crazy with all the trends. She might be happy for a change except with her daughter trying to be a man.

  12. I think she looks pretty damn good…in spite of the butchered up face. I wish she would have left it alone, it was unique and she was really cute when she was with Sonny. I think she would have aged gracefully and still been very good looking without the hack job. Don’t care for this version much, other than she looks much better than other plastic people around her.
    I wish she would have acted more…always thought she did a great job with that when she did do it. I’m looking forward to the new movie she’s been working on with, I think, Christina Aguilara?

  13. I think Cher is great over all, but her acting is over-rated. I think much of her acclaim has to do with the fact that she is an icon to the gay community and the fact that many men in the movie industry and the entertainment press are gay.

  14. Cher is all flavors of awesome. Yes, a major star can keep a sexual relationship a secret from the public. Cher has always had a sense of propriety, even though she is a rock star deluxe.

  15. Gregg has been sober for over 10 years but that would mean that she would have to relocate to Georgia.That was their main problem could not give up the bright lights and all the trappings.Gregg has lived in the same house for 14 years and he’s happy too bad she needs so much attention.

  16. Who says this relationship is over? There wasn’t even a picture until they where way over 6 months into dating. Very smart! They seem a good match, wouldn’t be surprised if there is still very much a relationship … unbeknownst to any gossip columnist, publication or outlet.

    I wish her the best!

  17. Well, she’s been talking about him on various talk shows and in magazines. She said he’s somewhere in between boyfriend and best friend. She’s still “kind of” available according to her. Asked of any possible marriage with Ron in the future and her answer was a firm, “no”. I think he’s just someone to hang out with and probably shares her somewhat vulgar sense of humor. He’s kind of an ass to be perfectly honest. I remember him as a possible replacement for a member of the Howard Stern show, and I thought he was a jerk and not very funny at all.

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