We’ve been picking on Celine Dion lately for her horrendous fashion choices while she’s in Paris, so we thought it was only fair to publish a photo of her looking considerably better. (Perhaps her mad Canadian stylist has left town!) Celine is dabbling in Paris’s Fashion Week and she turned up nicely turned out for the Giambattista Valli couture show. Instead of severely slicked back, her hair is wavy and loose and it makes a huge difference. She looks pretty and feminine and better than she has for awhile.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. We agree that Celine’s stylist must have decamped back to Canada–or perhaps the body of said “stylist” was mysteriously found floating in the Seine?…

    In any case, Celine looks amazing here. Brava to her.

    Ironic that the long scarf–dangling in front in a bid toward modesty–is superfluous on her: she’s got the legs to warrant that short dress, unlike, say, Mariah.

    There seems to be a French-Catholic, cloistered nun inside Celine, ever trying to assert herself, but to her credit, Celine is stepping out of her comfort zone.

  2. A disgrace of a woman only interested in the lust for filling her pocketbook with more money.

    An embarrassment to all of Canada.

  3. It’s great that she is secure enough to have fun with fashion and totally ignore the commentary. Am not a fan of her music, but what a voice.

  4. That dress is way too young for her. Good lord Celine, with all your money can’t you find something at Barney’s?

  5. What is that thing hanging down? its still awful imho

  6. Guilana that scarf is hanging underneath that dress and looks weird…..but better than those other two outfits she wore

  7. She looks nice but still doesn’t look well to me. Has she been ill?

    Where is her girlfriend?

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