Carrie Fisher may have opened herself up to a lawsuit from John Travolta – and it’s a shame because she really likes him. Carrie, who is hilariously honest about the people in her own family, didn’t hesitate to talk to The Advocate when they brought up the subject of Travolta filing a lawsuit against a website who called him gay. She said “Everyone knows John is gay and we don’t really care. I’m sorry he’s uncomfortable with it – it only draws more attention when you make a legal fuss.“ Travolta IS litigious when it comes to his sexual preference – so Carrie beware!


  1. Hurrah for Carrie! She has never played games and never will. As for Travolta and his kind, what an incredible waste of energy and money to deny something you are, that you needn’t be ashamed of, and that can — with all your riches and fame — do you absolutely no harm. You have tens of millions, and have to protect your future tens of millions? Plz!


  3. Carrie would win a lawsuit. She has the force.
    Used to have this recurring nightmare. Being spooned by Travolta while blown by Reta?!
    Coward! Bring it.

  4. I like Travolta as a person, he seems like a really nice man but I don’t get why he lives a lie. Just be who you are. So if he’s gay does that mean his wife is too?

  5. Damn it Patrick, I hate it when people are total A-holes, but very funny.

    And your fantasy would be being spooned by Reta and blown by Travolta, right?

  6. Sorry Janet, I got weak.
    I’ve unleashed hell on you.
    Should be good for lots of hits though.
    Get ready Rita.
    Diabolical laughter.

  7. Gosh the timing when Kelly has just given birth and her body is recovering……

  8. In 1985 my best friend, who had a gay brother, informed me that his brother was “dating” John Travolta but Travolta was paranoid about people finding out. I didn’t believe it, until I got invited to go to his brother’s h ouse and pretend I was leaving just as Travolta was arriving. Sure enough, My friend and I walked out of the apartment (located in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles) and who drives down the street in a Rolls Royce convertable with the TOP DOWN and wearing sunglasses (it was 9pm): John Travolta! His brother was a limo driver and it made sense that one day he would be assigned to pick up Travolta. Travolta was in a major career slump back then and this was pre-marriage to Kelly. After that I just thought Travolta was only gay when he could get something out of someone. Regarless, no one really cares and he brings more attention to himelf by filing lawsuits.

    JT: SAD.
    JOHN: apparently the ONLY person who gives a flip that you are gay is….ta dah…. YOU.
    dude, enough of the sneaking, hiding, denying, self loathing stuff…everyone knows. everyone has always known. we still love ya anyway.
    it seem, more than you love yourself to be your authentic true self. oh johnny…..sad sad sad….. IT’S OKAY. who do you think you will disappoint coming out out?? can’t be Kelly or any of your friends…I think they know…..
    you’re here
    you’re queer
    we are used to it.
    love. just love.

  10. Kelly for sure has always known that J. Revolting is gay. I’m sure she is talking to a Scientology expert who persuaded her to accept it, look the other way, because if she stays with him she will have all the luxuries money can buy. They don’t want to rock the boat and piss him off; SCI must keep both happy so he will keep filling their coffers with million$.

  11. To add on.^^^^…And if my brilliant observation is correct, they both are getting monthly check-ups for STD’s in the most secret of back rooms in the SCI Centre by the most secret of SCI doctors who has taken an oath of secrecy. That girl must be nuts to sell her soul for material wealth.

    I don’t think Saint Peter will be welcoming them into the Pearly Gates….when that time comes.

  12. But why was it Carrie’s business to inform the masses? Reta, is more than ready. She’s been practicing all her life!

  13. Carrie was just pointing out how ridiculous it is of John Travolta tosue a website for publishing what is true. Good for her.

  14. Yet again, that last post was not mine.

    Though it should be obvious — the comment is flat — I just want to make it clear.

    There really should be a registering, and then sign in process. I really do not know what the Webmaster a and web team is doing.

    Janet, if you want to be taken seriously, improve your website. That will help a little in countering your slow reporting (several of the last dozen items posted here were stories on sites like two or three days earlier).

  15. The danger to Carrie is not a lawsuit, it’s being found dead somewhere, having been killed by the CoS loons. If you do any research at all you will see that their detractors seem to have a high “suicide” rate or have been run off the road by an unknown person.

  16. Ooooo Palermo, interesting. Problem for the CoS is that Carrie Fisher is not just some journalist, or even just an actress. She is Hollywood royalty, a friend of some very powerful people, and a person of note to the American cultural community. So any battle she gets into with the Church, or one of its members is going to be high profile, and will not do the church any good, and no one in their right mind would try anything even resembling intimidation with Fisher.

  17. I hope Carrie has good security, or she might end up a Scieno “suicide.”

  18. I don’t ever remember thinking he was straight. I am a big fan of his and always enjoy his movies and interviews. I could care less if he is gay or not. He is just a wonderful entertainer.

  19. You’re not a lawyer Janet, Hell, you’re barely a gossip columnist!
    Travolta doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning a lawsuit against Fisher!
    In the US, the truth is an absolute defense against libel or slander!

  20. Janet, we used to be neighbors at the Ardmore. Just found your blog for the first time (from, glad your still at it. I know you vent your sources, and you’re the best since Hedda Hopper.

  21. janet is not taken seriously? then why are you here? if there are better sites, leave this one. millions know janet and her work, but we don’t know or care to know you.

  22. All I can say is the look of surprise on the face of that guy in the photo as Travolta plants one on him is priceless! Anyone know who it is?

  23. It looks a lot like Kirk Douglas, incapacitated from a stroke, and unable to ward off unwelcome advances. Unfair, Travolta.

  24. I just watched Oprah today; John Travolta was the guest. She gushed over and over that John Travolta was one of her very best friends. I guess that just goes to show you that faggots and lesbians stick together and have their own little fraternity/sorority thing going.

  25. If Oprah gives her seal of approval to a book or movie, it’s guaranteed that it will suck big time. Except for The Color Purple.

  26. yes, we (anyone with a brain) all know John is gay, but middle america/the masses can still be fooled (and probably prefer being fooled). so John can stay in the closet as long as he likes.

    if the truth were told, most in the entertainment world are gay or bi -but the marriages/business arrangements and baby-making continues to preserve their straight images. I say whatever floats your boat. be out and proud.

  27. Indy, I have to admit I am very dissappointed in you, if indeed that WAS you above using that nasty term for a gay person. That is NOT acceptible, and I thought you had more class than that esp. being a religious person, don’t you believe in equality and acceptance for all? Isn’t that what your God teaches? This site sure gets ugly. I wonder if those attacking Travolta would say the same thing to his face?

  28. I don’t think anybody should out somebody else, but I’d rather be dead than living the lifetime lie that John seems to be living.

  29. “A rose by any other name is still a rose”.

    He deserves to be called a fa***tt because he is a married man who is supposed to be true to his mate, that is, not to stray to another

    If he were single and not living a lie, the word gay might apply.

  30. Wow, judgemental much? What happened to “turn the other cheek”? Why are YOU so bothered by Travolta’s supposed sexual identification? Does it impact YOUR life? Is he screwing YOU or YOUR daughter/son/dog? If not then I really don’t see why you are so friggin nasty.

    You, as a individual person, have no specific information, do you, of John Travolta’s actual sexual identity? Do you have eavesdropping equipment in his home, jet, bedroom? Have you personally SEEN him having sex with a man? Do you not realise that people have committed suicide over these kind of accusations? That this kind of thing can and does destroy lives?

    You know NOTHING of Travolta’s personal life, his marraige, anything. They have had a bad time of things with losing their son, and been blessed with a new baby. Why don’t you try and let them enjoy their new addition without vile slander always having to come into the equation?

    I myself personally don’t care AT ALL who he has sex with. His wife is the only one who should care, and she seems pretty happy. It’s not up to us to determine WHY. John has a 10 year old daughter. I’d sure hate to have her come across the hate filled nasty comments directed at her daddy from people who don’t even know him. John knows who he is, he doesn’t need anybody else in the world pointing anything out to him, and if his wife is unhappy ,she will leave I’m sure.
    I say congrats on the new baby John and Kelly!

  31. Contemplating again the union of John and Kelly and him being a known, proven homosexual, I think this is the worst thing I have ever read that goes on in Tinseltown. In other words, words can’t describe it. How can Kelly possibly stay in this with a little girl and a new baby? This is beyond human decency.

  32. Reta, for God’s sake, even my cat knows John Travolta is GAY.

    Indy, Kelly is part of the twisted beard culture — she is Queen of the Beards, at least (if ya know what I mean) — and is part of the problem, not a poor dear victim. Feel sorry for the children, for sure, but spare no sympathy for the adults in these relationships, as they are either players is the demented game, or too stupid to live.

  33. As for that baby, it is another Suri Cruise — the spawn of L. Ron.

  34. I am now convinced that Sebastin’s Questionable Sexuality is someone in Janet’s organization. That last comment just smacks of it.

  35. Kelly has long been known to be a beard. she gets to live the good life. For other beards, like the wives/girlfriends of T Cruise -they get movie roles, money and publicity. lastly, they could be beards for each other.

  36. I agree with SebastianCanada 100%.
    Travoltas daughter and Tom’s Suri are Ron Hubbards kids,they look the same and it’s been common knowledge in Sciento. circles.As for Kelly,before bearding for John she was Clooney’s beard.

  37. A major brain disorder like Autism/Aspergers is not something to let the Scieno control whacks fuck with. Tragic and criminal money crew the Scieno’s.Fuck them to hell!
    R.I.P. Jet.

  38. John Travolta has been blessed with fame, and a long term one time marriage to a wife who by all indications adore him. He is blessed with a beautiful daughter and recently born son. In a repeat on the Oprah Show yesterday,he is recognized as the all-time favorite guest of that show. The doers do not talk, and the talkers usually do not do. Kelly and John have made themselves available time and again during some of the major castastrophes including the Earthquake in Haiti, and Hurricane Katrina. Without being in slow mode,John and Kelly have offered their assistance when it was needed the most to help others.After all these years, I still enjoy watching John cut a (dancing)rug in his movies. Don’t ask, don’t tell??? Not everything was meant for Me to know. PEACE!!

  39. For fun, Google pictures of Ella Travolta as a baby, and Suri Cruise as well. They could be twins. They might very well be half sisters.

  40. I think the Sci psychos have a large lab, maybe underground, with petrie dishes, frozen sperm, and most of all, the seed of their hallowed devil (I mean leader), L. Ron Hubbard. They are trying to create a world full of Scientologists, a new human race. Tiny Tom would gladly contribute million$ to make this happen. Remember, folks, truth nowadays is stranger than fiction.

  41. Many other large idiot contributors would be: John Revolting, Kirstie Alley, Priscilla and Lisa Presley, Juliette Lewis, Will Smith, the list of suckers goes on and on.

  42. Leo, I agree with you about Travolta being a great talent, and a philanthropist. But life, like accounting is about the pluses and minuses being put together, figuring out whether one is in the black or the red, and how much so in either case.

    Travolta’s lies about his sexuality have a very broad negative effect, as does his involvement with such a corrupt and twisted organization as The Church of Scientology.

    So, Travolta’s life is painted in big strokes. His achievements are big, but then so are his flaws and errors. And in the end, his final tally is just average. Compare that to other celebs — Keanu Reeves comes to mind — who quietly do huge good deeds, with no recognition or PR, and who generally keep out of controversy because the are level-headed, ethical and have a sense of practicality.

  43. Thoughts on Kelly never having been pregnant this last go around? Read that on a number of places….posters would comment that she had zero pregnancy bloating suggesting a fake belly.

    Why do I believe that???

  44. Heterosexuality is not normal. It’s just common.~ Dorothy Parker

    i still miss my boy……baby ba, mama wants you back.

  45. I’m going to call Jesse Ventura. He has a new show Conspiracy Theory. I think you’re all in on it!

  46. I met John Travolta during the intermission of Gypsy at the St. James Theater, starring Linda Lavin..He was with some friends in the alley smoking a cigarette…He gave me the once over, and then smiled and winked at me..He then followed me into the mens room and kept smiling..I walked away and ignored him..He was bloated, wearing a lime green suit, and clearly cruising…

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