Caitlyn Jenner is prepared for the SoCal Summer heat

Caitlyn Jenner is trying to adjust to the intense heat like the rest of us, but a mini skirt is not the answer. She may not have realized it yet, but miniskirts are not necessarily a mature woman’s best friend. Caitlyn apparently has a lifetime of fashion dos and don’ts to catch up on. But her hair looks great.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. The movie constantly playing in this pathetic broad’s mind must be EPIC.

  2. Jenner has always had an large ego. That’s expected given the Olympic successes. You didn’t see as much of the ego when she was married to Kris because there were so many other massive, selfish, exploding egos under the same roof.

    I suspect there is an intense bitterness that she is still working through for all those years that she didn’t come out as a woman and perhaps felt forced to stay male for fear of losing friends, family and fans.

    She simply dresses this way because of all the years that she desperately wanted to and couldn’t.

    Plus, I think there is some kind of bizarre competition (whether real or imagined) between Caitlyn and Kris.

    I have always felt sorry for the children in his first marriage. They didn’t seem to know much of Bruce before or after.

  3. When I was 60 years old, I lost 90 pounds after being morbidly obese for over 20 years. I went from a size18-20 to a size 4. I had struggled with weight by the time I as in my 20s and at least once a year I’d be in my doctor’s office crying and asking for help. Anyway, I lost the weight and proceeded to buy tons of fashionable clothes and had a ball shopping for the first time in my life. Looking back, I was dressing “too young” in some cases but I couldn’t resist enjoying what I had bee denied for all my adult life. I got hair extensions that looked wonderful (but did a number on my real hair–ugh). I think this is what Caitlyn is doing. It’s ok, let her be.

    For those who want to know…I kept my weight within 10 pounds of my goal weight for 2 years. As I became more sociable and outgoing,which seemed to involve eating out more, my weight climbed. So now I wear a size 10-12 but I eat healthy and work out everyday. I’d love to be a size smaller but I know I’ll never be a size 4 again.

  4. Those legs are atrocious, arthritic and deformed. It’s too late to be Kimmy, Bruce, you are an old man now. I say man because he has a penis, and don’t believe in the you can change your sex trend any way.

  5. bruce is a transvestite… he is not a woman. he will never be a woman. i am sick of bruce. i think a lot of people are but then again who cares really? he is an attention whore, always was and will be…… There used to be a joint in Mountain View, CA called ST. James Infirmary…
    BEST yummy burgers ever and a fun place. There was a guy back then, i forget his name, but he always wore dresses. he was a man.
    he was chubby and kinda short… he looked like a man, he did not shave or wear makeup and wigs. . just dresses. and not very cute ones.
    but he was cool. he was comfortable. people liked him. i wish that place had never burned down. i miss the food,the booze and a safe fun place to hang out with friends…. and my old friend who dressed the way he wanted.

  6. this f.cking travestite is making hollywood to a big joke to us europeans.

  7. This tranny is standing behind Donald Trump for the next president that’s how ignorant “she” is. I’m sick her and all the Kardashians put together… Tired of their stupid and selfish behavior… The Republican party by all means can have “her”…. We Democrats don’t!

  8. Wonder how many men in Hollywood that he has had one night stands with.

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