Our earliest memory of Burt Reynolds was the uproar made over his Cosmo centerfold. Back in the 70’s, a hairy naked man smoking a cigar with a smirk on his face while reclining on a fur rug, was apparently appealing. That and five years spent as Top Boxoffice Draw fueled Reynolds’ ego. He even imagined that he resembled a young Marlon Brando. Burt claims that careless, tabloid documented marriages and bad investments led to bankruptcy and a less glamorous life. But Reynolds still has that vanity – he uses a cane, but still wears Tom Cruise style elevator shoes, a carefully styled toupee, and his face is tight and relatively wrinkle free.

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  1. We hate to say so because WE LOVE LONI ANDERSON (who among other roles, memorably and HILARIOUSLY played Mama Candy Spelling in “sTori Telling” years ago–small world!); but Burt has never seemed the same man after his disastrous marriage to Loni.

    It was only a few years ago that he made the final outstanding settlement payment to her of some $700K-and this was ages after their divorce. It seems that health problems and money issues coincided to really do some damage in Burt’s life. 🙁

    But he’s still above ground–and looks great for a man in his ninth decade. The extensive facial work he’s had done appears to have settled.

    He says Sally Field was “the one who got away”; maybe they’ll reconcile some day. 🙂

    The late, great Tammy Wynette used to tell a famous story from her time with the World’s Sexiest Man: she says Burt was once soaking in her tub when he was stricken by a seizure, and it took every ounce of strength in her body to hold him above the water–and save him from drowning.

    She said that only years later, one man in an audience of hers asked (and no one had ever thought to ask before), “Why didn’t you just pull the drain plug?” 😀

  2. Gderancid, you are on a roll! Another great comment.

    Janet, as per usual sounds like a true hater! Reynolds absolutely did look a little like a young brando, lucky for him he didn’t age like Brando. At 82, he is still attractive, hair piece be damned!

  3. HE WAS LOVED and his movies made MILLIONS..Yea…he’s over looked.

  4. Wonder why he never got into auto racing like Paul Newman or some of 70 motorcycle/ racing car movies ? Ya gotta wonder was the poor design of all those Trans-Am/Firebirds have something to do with as they never had much of a showing at some those race tracks it was always the Datsun’s. I guess, I just answer my own question. Course, then again it might of been the women he dated with super long legs…. he’d have to take out the front seat for her to fit in a Trans-Am. While she sat in the backseat….And when it ran out of gas she could use those long legs to push the car.

  5. Ya gotta wonder if Tom Brady ran out of gas would Giselle get out and push?

  6. Or if Harvey W. Think of all of those ladies he had sex with and nobody thought toget knocked up and have his kid and half his fortune. Talk about winning the lottery…. and it all just slipped through their fingers as wonder who swallowed it.

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