Britney Spears, 38, didn’t have a lot of good luck choosing significant others until she met her latest boyfriend Sam Asghari, 26. The father of her two children, Keven Federline, was a video dancer and he’s been living off Britney since they split because he has custody of their boys. Her current beau Sam is much more ambitious and self-disciplined, it appears. He’s a personal trainer and model and frequently posts photos of himself on Instagram to advertise his talents. Britney seems to have no knack for photos and her pix are considerably less focused – and a whole lot less flattering. Judging by the photos, you’d never guess SHE was the megastar!

Both photos, Instagram- Sam’s photo, Lane Dorsey


  1. Sam is an Iranian . I wonder how pappy spears feels ? Iran is part of the ‘Axis of Evil’ president Bush spoke of.

  2. @Guys named Colton always end up in prison – You are so dumb it hurts. Msm has done a great job in brainwashing you.

  3. Her eyes seem unfocused, like she’s not quite here.

    Conservatorships are a loss of freedom and rights and are not granted without serious medical evidence of incompetence to make decisions for oneself. With that in mind, she is given the freedom to post pics and obviously do things that make her happy. She’s very lucky to have a family that cares so much about her welfare.

  4. she always appears to be half baked to me. if she had full reign over her finances she probably would be on skid row by now

  5. I used to love Britney, but every year reveals just how white trash she is. I’m sure all the meds she’s on keep her in some sort of haze, I hope no one is ripping her off, because she is going to need special care for the rest of her days.

  6. Someone needs to pull Britney aside and teach her how to dress. that outfit is awful and way too young for her. She is pushing 40. Christian Siriano should dress her. Put her in a nice skirt suit of pinstipe pants or something.

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