Britney Spears has her fair share of ups and downs, but her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari is steady (and studly) as they come. He’s also an avid self-promoter – apparently he’s a fitness model, an actor, and he sells workout supplements. He has quite a collection of flattering photos online, which is more than you can say for Britney. Her pics are amateurish and always from a high-up strange angle. Sam hopes to follow in The Rock’s footsteps…

Photo: Instagram

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  1. How does Papa feel about his blonde princess sleeping with an Iranian ?

  2. Sooner or later the truth will out. Everyone knows he is not her bf, he is paid to pretend he is.

  3. THAT is one gorgeous DOG.

    That is ONE PAID HANDLER. if you browse Britney’s instagram,? I think, it is beyond disturbing…

    all she does is pose, wear the same clothes over & over and post do called dance videos where she does the same shit over and over and over again…..

    that is also NOT her posting the crap that is on there…..someone will make sure she goes away for good sooner than later, if isn’t isn’t her clone already.


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