Really? Britney Spears says she doesn’t understand why her posing nude on Instagram would bother her teenage sons? Remember, these boys are in high school and like everyone else, trying to fit in. They just happen to have a very famous mother. Preston is 16 and Jayden is 15. It seems like every time Britney posts a video of herself dancing that repetitive twirl in skimpy clothing, or the nude pics with little stickers in the right places, she gets a ton of publicity. Mix that in with Britney’s not-so-subtle accusations and feud with her family, and Jayden and Preston are obviously just plain embarrassed (Imagine the classroom comments!) They let their mother know about it by refusing to attend her wedding to Sam Asghari, and avoiding her for the past few months. Is Britney too obsessed with trying to have a baby to think about the two sons she already has?

Photo: Instagram


  1. Sam wants the baby or rather he ‘needs’ the baby to prevent him from being deported back to Iran.

    He has no real employment in America . He’s keeping poor Britney off of her meds, thus all of her manic behavior .

    Once the ‘golden’ child is born he can declare her unfit and take control of her entire estate. Save Britney from this clown.

  2. She didn’t see her two sons much even when she got some custody. Don’t forget the dog that was allegedly neglected, not fed and washed.
    She looks unkempt, her eye makeup looks like it has melted and her eyes seem blank.

    How could she take care of a child? She needs too much help to be able to help anyone else.

  3. I’m Britney’s out. I’m tired of her hateful, whiny posts. I am sick of her self-serving body shots. She has become a rather repetitive bore.

    She won’t ever grow up. Her hyper-sexuality in social media is disrespectful to her children. Poor boys.

  4. t is obvious that she is mentally challenged. Always seeking attention, some one needs to take control

  5. I agree with everyone. The hyper sexual posts are disturbing because we know she has mental illness. If this were Miley Cyrus it would just be tacky publicity.

  6. It’s creepy the way she’s always trying to pull her pants down in every picture. And acts like a robot and talks fast. I believe she does have mental issues.

  7. Britney needs a makeover and new advisor to help her reinvent herself. She’s dresses like a 15 year old and the crazy dancing just plays into the “Britney is nuts” narrative. Someone please help this girl. Take her shopping and get her an age appropriate wardrobe, cut those extensions off and get that horrid eye makeup off her….it makes her look old and weird. The poor girl is suffering from arrested development. She’s never gone to normal school, has almost no education and has been a prisoner for 16 years. That can do a number on anyone. Janet why don’t you mentor this girl? Take her shopping. Her family sucks….they are not going to help her.

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