We actually thought these days were over. We mean the days that Britney Spears leaves the house without looking in the mirror. Brit and her assistant went to the Topanga Mall and the assistant must be too terrified to point out her boss’s personal neglect. Her rear view is especially appalling – the matted and obvious hair weave implies that she simply doesn’t brush her hair when she wakes up. The exposed underwear is an indication that she needs a three way mirror.


  1. I’m asking seriously. Does anyone know, is she balding? It’s been a while since she cut off all her hair. Shouldn’t it have grown out enough by now that she wouldn’t need such an obvious weave?

  2. Frank, she is obviously balding back there from traction alopecia — the weight of her extensions is actually pulling her real hair out at the roots.

    Britney has always had extensions, like a number of young female celebs. I do not understand why a white girl with straight hair needs extensions. A trend when I was young (back in the late eighties) was for young women to have thick and super-long hair…and they grew it all themselves.

  3. Most girl today wear extensions even if they have long and full hair. I don’t know why, but they do. Britney at least worn underwear because no one wants to see that bald pussy of her’s.

  4. This might explain the “news” on some other blogs that parents Lynne and Jamie are reuniting. It is probably not a romantic re-attachment, but perhaps a sign that Brit needs more help. I hope she’s getting good medical treatment, because maybe that’s the real problem here. That UCLA Medical Center is not giving Brit what she really needs (but I just made that up, ’cause I have no idea if UCLA is still involved — but that’s where she went on the 5150 hold that started this whole “conservatership” life of Brits.

  5. Really strange that she is continually photographed with her extensions in a mess like that. You’d think at least one person on her staff would care enough to mention it to her before she goes out.

  6. Lenny, well, if girls are wearing extensions en-masse, we are going to see many bald middle-age ladies twenty years from now.

  7. with all her money, you’d think she’d be able to afford a good hairstylist. that weave is BEAT. she should take the extensions out and rock the short hair.

  8. Kate, Brit is of that age group that believes in basic gender cues as if they are the ten commandments. Girls have long hair. Long blonde hair is 50 percent of Brit’s identity.

  9. Janet, did *I* miss something? Did YOU?

    Seriously. When since the days of “Ooops! I Did it Again!” has Britney Spears publicly presented herself in any shade, color or hue of normalcy… to the extent that even for a moment you would have “thought these days were over??”

    In any case, I think the personal neglect is her way of acting out/retaliating against the stranglehold of the conservatorship– (be it real or imagined).

    Between the unkempt hair, thrown-together and often stained outfits she’s famous for, plus her inadequate personal hygiene… (you just KNOW she smells as bad as she looks!)… it’s a clear sign of rebellion.

    Think about it. Other than starving herself (which will only result in another 5150 hold), the “self-neglect” is the only card she has left to play and still stay out of the booby-hatch. Jmho, of course.

  10. back to what?? She never left. Since her “comeback” the poor thing always looks like a filthy mess. It’s time for her handlers to leave her alone and let her retire already

  11. What comeback? On Britney’s previous two CDs — Circus, and Blackout before that — Spears barely filled the role of a session singer.

  12. I think she is really really screwed up in the brain. She was possibly taking her bi-polar meds at the same time she was drinking/drugging when she went totally party-hardy during and after the divorce. She is always filthy and former housekeepers have testified they quit because the house was over-run with dogs and their messes, dirty dishes and general filth everywhere.

  13. Brit Brit deserves some credit, she clearly doesn’t give a f*ck about what people think about her. It’s a sign that the therapy she is getting is working.

  14. Lord knows I love to be snarky about celebs, but I find I just can’t do it for Britney, cause I think she truly is mentally ill.

  15. Brit has made millions. It is rather hard to feel sorry for her.

  16. FYI, I don’t think Britney cares what anyone thinks. She likes the shock value. Just a matter of time before she gets set free and starts acting crazy again. Unfortunately, she is just buying time. This girl is smart, smart, smart!! She is just playing along until she gets her freedom, then her “friends” will come back out and play.
    Watch and see.

  17. pfffffffffffff: AMERICANS ARE SOOO PRUDISH.
    (remember life is a beach including thongs)

  18. White trash Jerry Springer reject searching for where she left her doublewide. The bare feet at gas station toilets, the nasty fried weave/bald spot cover and the butt crack floss are all tired Britney classics, but nothing is as bad as her “singing” and the autotuning cheating of the customers. All those who use it should be thrown out on their asses by the public and let’s get some REAL talent like we used to have that can take a mic and sing live and KILL IT!

  19. Sal, the corporate world wants to devalue work in all areas, and is doing pretty well in the entertainment industry. Spears was one of the first big test runs, and my, how it has worked. More to come — so don’t hold your breath on the talent thing.

  20. She looks like the kind of girl that bathes once every 2 weeks, doesn’t use deodorant and farts a lot. Gross all around.

  21. Indy, you are correct. B is sick and a mess. This girl needs meds and not limelight. Unfortunately she is still a money machine and handlers plus fam will exploit her until the end. Give a girl a break… she is nothing more then used and abused old racehorse. Janet try picking on real idiots, leave sick people alone.

  22. I don’t have much sympathy for Brit, but I also do not see much point in dragging her through the gossip columns. She offers no shock value any more. Her lifestyle and behavior are nothing other than disturbing.

  23. Thanks, Meg. I AM brilliant (kidding, lol).

    Anyhoo, I think she desperately needs help, but she has supposedly gotten a lot of help from different venues and it hasn’t made much difference. I think she sick physically and mentally and there’s no real solution.

  24. Brit is dumb, ignorant and crazy — a very bad combination. There is no hope.

  25. Sebastian…you let out one tragic ingedient: fertile!

  26. Several valid pics on TMZ where the paps caught her coming out of a service station restroom wearing one of those prairie dresses and with dirty bare feet. Also, in the Globe mag she was walking down the street wearing cut-offs and bare feet. That’s a real sign of mental illness.

  27. Sal, Yikes! Yeah, you are right! How many more puppies can she push out before menopause? Scary, Scary!

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