Sam Asghari didn’t waste a MINUTE getting engaged to Britney Spears as soon as her father Jamie indicated that he was giving up on the conservatorship and Brit will soon be free to spend her own money. Her hot young boyfriend stayed with Britney for five years waiting for this to happen. You can bet that HE will be more than happy to take over Jamie’s duties – running Britney’s life and her finances ASAP. We predicted this – and now we predict that Britney will become pregnant soon, and with the baby demanding her attention, she will barely notice what Sam is up to….

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  1. She is 39 years old so it might take her a bit longer to get pregnant, especially with an IUD in place for so long. But who knows?
    I agree with everything else. Let the meltdown and gold digging on her fiance’s part begin.
    Very sad to see. And of course, her dad will have to come in and clean up the mess. I give the relationship two years, max, or whenever he spends all of her money. Whatever comes first.

  2. When the boyfriend goes through all her money it will be up to the ”free Britney” crowd to pay her bills…but I bet they won’t.

  3. I think the atty will get her a good prenup but agree he is a scammer but I think hired on the dad’s dime and still part of the conserveship. I thought I had bad choice in men but she beats me. I think she missed raisiing her babies and she just needs to have another child… that was a big LOSS for her. They took away too much and she didn’t get to mother her babies. I do not like this guy at all but hey maybe once she has the baby, she will kick him to the curb????

  4. It’s her life and her money. She is entitled to make her own mistakes. Her family are just grifters. Time for her parents to get off their asses and get JOBS. Would she be under a conservatorship if she was poor? heck no.

  5. He’s been teaching her the lines of the Koran for years. As soon as they are wed she will have to follow sharia law.
    It is permissible to kiss the private parts of the wife before intercourse. However, it is makruh after intercourse. … Therefore, any method of sexual intercourse cannot be said to be forbidden until clear evidence of the Qur’an or Hadith is found.

  6. At least her family love her, even though they also expected her to support them. This guy Sam, the guy with no real job or means of support has been waiting patiently to become the next Kevin Federline. I’m sure her father knows about his other women, I’m not sure why he hasn’t allowed that to leak. Britney has the speech and behavior of a 16 year old girl. She has no business raising children and once she goes off her meds again, that will become painfully clear. I hope her father stashed money in a trust that can not be accessed by Sam or the other leaches who will be arriving shortly. I don’t believe she will insist upon a prenup, and then it is over. He will take everything and leave her in ruins, far worse than the last time. All of you “Free Britney Fools” will be the ones to blame. Enjoy the dumpster fire.

  7. You nailed it, Janet.

    I suspect she will not be able to care for the baby either.

    It’s painful to watch this unfolding.

  8. Wake up idiots!!! It goes with out saying, a daughter’s first male role model is her dad so Kevin and Sam just examples of what Lynn chose and what Britney knows about men. Sam is hired by dad and former manager. He will report to his managers as instructed. Because Britney lacks common sense and maturity, she will still be under thumb. She is desperate to be a Mom so she may be ok. She’ll be on meds. Lots of women make poor choices with mates do she’s no different there. I doubt all family loves her and let’s do that forensic accounting and see where her money is. Like it or not, Hamie fans, dada is a thief!

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