Interesting that Brad Pitt has finally mustered up the courage to come out of the religion closet and declare himself an atheist. This is a HUGE deal – comparable to an actor coming out of the closet as gay! He’s been dodging the issue for YEARS, calling himself “agnostic” and “non-religious” because many people in America (his fans) are horrified that someone might not believe there’s a man in the sky making things happen. They suspect that an atheist has no moral values! (Despite the fact that there are almost no atheists in prison!) Nice guy Brad is the perfect poster boy for atheism. He’s been spending a lot of time in England where most people are not religious, and perhaps that boosted his courage. We’re glad he did it.

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  1. Last I read, he follows buddha, as does Angelina. (he was raised a Southern Baptist in Springfield, Mo. and his mother Jane is really worrided about him.)

    Boy-oh-boy, is he in for a huge shock when he breathes his last; and wouldn’t Scientology love to get him.

  2. No big headlines here. Pitt has made statements before hinting that he did not believe in God.

    I am with @Daggers above. This guy and many others will be devastated when he passes this world.

    God and Heaven is real. I hope he changes his mind.

  3. THIS IS NOT “HUGE”…..who gives a flip if someone is religious or not? it is SO far away from someone announcing they are gay why you compared them is beyond me…..

    people get way too invested in other people’s B I Z…..these are celebrities…..not ‘real people’ to any of us… i could care how they choose to live their lives…..does not affect me.

    ( OK, when Heath Ledger and Philip Seymour Hoffman overdosed & died, it affected me…..when Robin Williams completed suicide it affected me…..these all broke my heart…
    it is NO One’s business what anyone’s religion or sexual preferences are. cased closed.

  4. Nothing new. As for being in the closet, he likes to play on the other side too.

  5. all terrible things that are happening right now in the world are in the name of religion I’m with him in not believing

  6. First of all, who wrote this blog? Since when is faith in God important in Hollywood? I assumed most people in show business were atheist.Comparing an admission of atheism to an admission of homosexuality is ridiculous. Second of all, following a religion is not the same thing as faith in God. One doesn’t need to belong to a specific religion to have a sincere relationship with the Creator. Terrorism has nothing to do with God – would truly God fearing do the things they do?

  7. Agree once again with @pickupyoursocks. Religion and Hollywood have never gone together, unless it’s Scientology. And that’s a cult, not a religion. I don’t see the paparazzi out snapping photos of “celebrities” coming and going from church or Bible study. One can have faith and belief and not subscribe to religious dogma. They do not have to be one in the same.

  8. If he says there is no God, all I can say is he’d better be right. Otherwise he’d also better like lots and lots of fire, because Hell is where he will spend his eternity. God doesn’t care who you were while you lived on this earth. If you publicly deny Him, kiss your ass goodbye.

  9. Well, my goodness, no esotericists here posting.
    If I wasn’t an esotericist, I’d be a Baptist. My friend took me to a southern Baptist church service, and I swear, the Baptists are the nicest people! Wholesome and sincere. And, Texas barbeque after!

  10. Only stupid people believe in The Big Fake Guy in the Sky. Brad Pitt is not stupid.


    Have you read the bible? Maybe you should.

  12. pitt was thisclose to being roped into scientology by his ex, juliette lewis.

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