Amber Heard, 31, is living the life that many people just dream about. She was married to one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood and now she’s bounced back by dating a billionaire on the Forbes list of Most Powerful People in the World! Her ex-husband Johnny Depp is left trying to sort out his financial difficulties and drinking problem. Amber’s new boyfriend Elon Musk, 45, is a genius with a net worth of 15.2 billion dollars. Amber is still flying in private jets – she arrived in Australia with Elon and his kids.

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  1. The typical money grubbing woman. A disgrace to her gender, a poor example for your children.

  2. I couldn’t be happier for her, johnny depp thought he was her everything, he probably never thought she’d rebound with anyone wealthier than him. Well, johnny, you look like a dusty, drunk, homeless person, compared to Elon Musk.

    Johnny was the kind of guy most women fantasized about, but now we see hes what nightmares are made from. He begrudges a woman money, he looks like he smells and possibly has removal teeth, didn’t age well. He’s a hot mess, who would want him now. Seems like everything we wished for amber, has become his cross to bear.

  3. which one is Elon? The guy in the suit or the old dude in the white shirt?

  4. Hmmm. Heard’s reputation precedes her by a mile.

    It’s true she’s shopping-upward, now that she’s affixed herself to Musk like a lamprey.

    Rumor has it that despite all of her machinations, the divorce settlement from Depp left her with NOTHING–certainly after the lawyers were through sucking her bones dry.

    But Elon is no sunny day at the beach. Amber will earn every nickel he throws her way.

    (Cue the late, great, Donna Summer singing “She Works Hard For The Money.” 😀 )

  5. It pays to be pretty. All you need to live a charmed life is a perfect face and slim body and you have it made.

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