Amber Heard looked perfectly in control this weekend while horseback riding with her friends. Surely she has heard about the online petition demanding her removal from her role in Aquaman 2 – the petition has 1.5 million signatures! SOMEONE is angry about Johnny Depp being removed from his role in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, which happened after he lost his libel case against The Sun newspaper. The petition insists that Heard lied about her accusations against Depp in court and that SHE is the domestic abuser. Really. Depp WAS dumfounded when he lost the case and was declared a “Wife Beater.” Wonder who organized those rabid Johnny Depp fans to get this ridiculous petition going…?

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  1. Someone is angry that Depp lost his case?

    That someone seems to be YOU, Janet.

    Again, taking sides with abusers.

    The question is why.

  2. wha???? she took depps side?? if this idiot would have appreciated what he had and was getting instead of trying to morph in freaking keith richards he may have been a lot better off……who doesn’t need 50 houses and millions of dollars worth of wine?? he’s a psycho has been and needs to stay out of or making lawsuits that wave his shit stained undies in the wind for all of to not not enjoy. grow up and get real johnny boy.

  3. I think they are both done career wise. No one came out a winner in this. He looks like a degenerate with a temper problem and she comes off like Catherine Tremmel.

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