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Okay, the idea of Russell Crowe being rescued by the US Coast Guard when he got off course in his kayak off Long Island, is amusing, but the real issue here is: WHAT HAPPENED TO RUSSELL CROWE? He used to be a sexy guy – we remember him in “L.A. Confidential” looking rather hot. He’s currently playing Noah in the biblical ark story for Darren Aronofsky, and Darren IS noted for preferring male stars who look like they’ve been around the block a few times. No WONDER his rescuers, on either side of Crowe, above, didn’t recognize the actor. We didn’t either!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. He looks like that because he’s filming Noah with Darren Aronofsky, that’s what he’s doing on LI. They just filming for a month in Iceland.

  2. He has always been a bit tubby and overweight off and on. Yet, he has
    commented about American women being
    too fat. Such irony. I only liked him
    in one movie and that was the Quick and
    the Dead.

  3. Rumor has it he doesn’t bathe much, so no excuse by not recognizing him by his odor.

  4. I think he’s a fan of what I call The Elvis Syndrome — diet like crazy before a movie in which you’re supposed to look hot, diet during the movie, and then, after the movie wraps and you have some down time, EAT EAT EAT. This is fine when you’re young, but can lead to a fatal heart attack (think Clark Gable, who went on a starvation diet to shoot The Misfits) if you’re still doing it after 40. Beware, Mr. Crowe!

  5. To be fair, he was just pulled out of the water. He’s twice the age of those Coast Guard guys. He’s known to go up and down in weight like so many of them. Everybody can’t stay young and sexy forever.

  6. Ditto Palermo. He slims down before filming but seems comfortable being chubby when not working.

  7. Typical that Darren Aronofsky (who has a history of making woman hating/female negative films) likes his men to look like they’ve been around the block or unattractive slobs (as Aronofsky is one himself) While the female leads always have to be pencil thin and attractive (although he still manages to make them look and appear ugly).

    It isn’t an issue of weight but the double standard in male controlled Hollywood. Hence we get slob Crowe talking about how American women are “fat”.

    What will it take to get the old boys network to divest and join the real world where women are 54% of the population yet are rarely in management positions.

    Take a look in the mirror Danny boy and Russel. If you didn’t have money and power you couldn’t get most women to spit on you.

  8. Perfect Noah…..Crowe was great in Master & Commander and should do some sequels.

  9. Give the guy a break, he’s aging just like everybody else! This post and some of the comments are really ghastly. I can’t believe y’all have so little respect for a fellow human being.

  10. He was great in just about everything he’s done. I’m doubt many of us would look so great after spending hours paddling lost around LI Sound.

  11. That is Holly wood built you up and tear you down, In real life no one is ever going to look the same unless you go under the knife and show a shadow of yourself but growing old…Can be sexy and lets face the fact certain movies always catch us at are peak of great-ness and we are at the top of are game but growing old does not mean your life is over! It just means your getting better at your craft and your open to change and no matter how old a person gets? You can always see there soul and kindness throw there eyes and Sexy is still his kick and sweet-ness and tuff-ness follows.

  12. One of the greats of our time.
    Noah seems strange for a movie?
    3D flooding?

  13. @ Walt….that is one of my favorite movies. Sharon was great as a gunslinger.

    Remember Val Kilmer..poor thing.

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