xzibitcutWe love it when our stories have far reaching implications. Awhile back we wrote about Xzibit from Pimp My Ride, who brought a group of friends to Arnie Mortons Steak House in Burbank and left a miserly tip: $100 on a $1700 tab. And get this – he was flaunting a diamond watch worth half a million dollars. Apparently Xzibit was VERY upset when he got wind of our story because he marched into the Beverly Hills Arnie Morton’s restaurant in a rage and announced that he would NEVER go back to the Burbank Mortons because someone leaked the cheapskate story. He insisted he left a small tip because he got “bad service.” We have a feeling the Burbank waiters aren’t weeping crocodile tears.

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27 thoughts on “XZIBIT: ALL FLASH NO CASH

  1. common gutter trash.I bet the watch is a fake for his sake.can you say M.C. HAMMER??

  2. After this, he probably won’t get very good service anywhere. Maybe he should stick to McDonald’s.

  3. THANK YOU! I worked at the Four Seasons for a long time in the lounge and there were a number of terrible tippers. Eddie Griffin would always come in stay for hours and leave a 10. for a huge bill. There should be a site for waiters to tell who tips poorly. And that scumbag Janet Jackson’s ‘boyfriend’ is another one. Before you think that I am picking on blacks, Shaq always left me 100. for a coke! And Tyra is a huge tipper. LL is another bad tipper, but I talked to him about it, now he is reformed!

  4. Anonymous 7:41,
    Please feel free to air your complaints and stories with me anytime!

  5. 7:41 – There IS a website specifically for that. It’s called bitterwaitress dot com.

  6. okay, wait a second here, if he got bad service that wait staff is lucky to get a $100 bucks, so often we are almost shamed into tipping for terrible service. I started last year tipping based on the food the friendliness and time management and effectiveness these restaurants show me when I walk through their doors. there have been cases when I tipped a lot more than what the check was just because they exceeded my expectations. but there has been times I walked out with out tipping at all and left them a note. in cali these waiters get minimum wage so some are careless and wont go out of their way to earn that tip because they count on getting one anyway. I am sick of bad service and if exibit really got bad service I side with him on this case.

  7. Morton’s in Studio City? There is no Morton’s in Studio City. Is this story even true? There’s one in Burbank, but not here in SC.
    So, for Xzbit to boycot Morton’s in Studio City, really doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

  8. i agree with anonymous 12
    ;40 i think the story is made up?

  9. Hmm… You got a $100 just for serving the guy a soda pop or did you hook him up with some coke.
    Now that probably sounds about right for a bartender.

  10. Wonder how much Donald Trump leaves in terms of a tip? I mean, doesn’t that guy just show up at eateries to eat for free.
    Does anybody know if that guy even leaves a tip?

  11. I worked as a waitress (how many here have?) and I would like to know what this jerk calls “bad service” It was probably him and members of his party making unreasonable demands upon the waitstaff and on the chef.He should have tipped $340 on a $1700 bill. (20 per cent) All you cheapskates should shut up about waitresses and waiters and try doing to for a day. Waitstaff gets paid below the minimum wage in most states. Here is is $2.35 per hour and the rest you make up in tips. I have had jerks like him not even pay their bill let alone the tip. Walk a mile in my shoes…There is NO reason ANYONE should leave and NOT leave a tip.That is rude and it should be made illegal. In NYC, the tip is added to the bill when you get it. I think it should be done like that in every state!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So, what your saying in NYC they have a Value Added Tax if it’s already included in the price.
    LOL, just another reason not to go to NYC.

    Hey, if your flying over Nashville, fly into the “Paris, TN Airport”, there should be a loaner car there.
    Anybody like Catfish, Sweet Tea & Hush Puppies?
    (World’s Biggest Fish Fry going on as well as few other things).
    Tips included in the price, lol. Shouldn’t put you back anything more than $6-7 bucks.

  13. nope he does not leave tips i know for a fact he’s such a tight wad!

  14. I doubt if there are any Paparazzi there either.
    Just don’t show up in a limo and acting like a pompous ass.
    Heck, drive north of there visit some antique shops in Puryer, TN. If your into finding stuff at a bargin price, I’ll bet if you some savy person shipped alot of this stuff to the West Coast they could make a kill’in.
    People typically just prefer to keep things low key and pass that stuff around generation after generation in these parts.

  15. Hey there, Anon 7:41 here. Nope not made up. Will check out the website thanks for the ‘tip’! And big love to Janet C. for the response. FYI I usually post as Lovelyleo. And to those who have not met Janet C., she rules the her gossip shizzle. xx

  16. more power to janet c. i know she rules because i am right beside her working.

  17. I know exactly how the waitstaff feels. I use to work at a well known restaurant in Orlando where a lot of NBA teams frequent. One night my manager took me aside and said a famous player would be at my station with his party and that would be my only one for the night so make sure I give him extra special attention. If I said his initials everyone would know his name.
    Well from the moment the party sat down it was obvious it was the party from hell. From snapping his fingers at me to demanding his food right away. Apparently he thought the other patrons who were there before him did not deserve to get their food first.
    A little kid who was so happy to see him and made the mistake to ask for an autograph had his head nearly snapped off. The kid started to cry and his parents came over and got into a huge argument with the player. The manager felt so bad he gave the kid an autograhed ball he had in the window and then the family left.
    Since I work in that restaurant celebrities are nothing new to me. I have served some of the biggest and thankfully for the most part they are courteous and respectful and mindful of their fans. But this jerk made my skin crawl. After he sent back his steak for being too rare, now it’s too well, not hot enough, the rolls were not fresh enough (although they just came out of the oven) his wife’s scampi was too overdone, his brother’s lobster was too tough (although the brother went into the kitchen and stood over the chef while he made his lobster).
    Don’t get me started on other details. A man came out of the bathroom and said the player just walked in and went into a stall even though othe people were in line. I guess people were too starstruck to make a scene.
    I told my boss please take over because I was not able to take it anymore with his complaining and wanting too much attention.
    My boss who is the fairest kindest person in the world thought I was overreacting until he actually started to serve him.
    His Majesty thought we should be honored he chose our humble abode to dine in and was offended when we did not offer him a discount. When he went to pay the checker told me he pulled out a wad about 4″ wide of $100 bills. All the while one of his party was arguing they should not have to pay the full bill because they did not get the soup that came with the entree so we should take something off for that. The bill $1234.85. The tip $2. That’s right $2, not $200.
    My boss felt so bad he got the general manager and his staff to make up my tip to $200 as that is what I would have made for the night. Celebrities are a real pain in the butt. Please tell them to stay away.
    P.S. His agent who was with him felt so bad that he came back later that night and left $400 with the hostess along with game balls, jerseys and tickets to the game

  18. OMG Susan. I have been there. I don’t think that the agent ‘felt bad’, he was leary of the bad press. That was a great way to end a bad meal though. 400 bucks and a bunch of stuff. To the idiot who said I gave Shaq cocaine, please stuff it. Shaq on cocaine gives new meaning to bull in a china shop. I would always wait on him and he is loaded. And to clarify this further for you…To Ms. Janet. Did you know that he was a volunteer policeman in LA and he would drive down to the docks in Long Beach to patrol the docks there on the nigt shifts? He wears his badge underneath his jacket on a lanyard. He is licensed to carry a gun. He would tell me that he wanted to retire and be an officer all the time. I wonder if that will happen for him.

  19. Casonia Sade Logenberry..On Hells kitchen are the men ever going to get smart and really study the menu and understand and also open up start Talking and know who is going to get kicked off the show? says:

    I think that it is hard being Rich..Because every one is in your Business and no matter what you do..Is it enough! But what the Hell did they order that was crazy $1,700.00 Nuts and $100.00 Tip is Cheap but it is his money and…He should have the right to give what he wants and of course the world knowing his personal Business and..Him not going back is money that place can say Goodbye to each and every month.

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