When “Crash” director Paul Haggis defected from Scientology recently it stimulated a well-deserved tornado of publicity, and the story went everywhere. But for some reason, when The Hollywood Reporter’s Roger Friedman wrote about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s contributions to Scientology last year, it didn’t get a lot of attention. Remember, Will Smith vehemently DENIED being a Scientologist, but he donated $80,000 to Scientology groups in 2008 according to tax filing. Jada Pinkett Smith, who donated $122,000, DOESN’T deny being a Scientologist, and is outraged by criticism of the cult. Jada said in a 2008 interview “You have people who are attacking and want to fight. And don’t know nothing. How you gonna not know nothing about Scientology and attack somebody? It’s dangerous and it’s ignorant. And as an American I’m not gonna be a part of that.”

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  1. Any time anything is on about Scientology, I say over and over: Just google SCI and if you have half a brain you can see it is DEMONIC. At first SCI seems great, but the end is “not so cool”. Of course most celebs have just half a brain, that’s why the sheeple are following terrible tiny Tommy C. This is totally unbelieveable how untold millions have been given to devils.

  2. not know nothing? and these are the people who opened up a school? shudder

  3. Here you have two super-rich dimwits. Scientology no doubt has been working on them for a long time, wining and dining them, bowing and scraping to them…..until they got ’em. Now pray tell does SCI have a class in correct grammar, or can they be de-programmed and continue on until they reach the ultimate thetan level. How much money besides this paltry sum of $200,000 have they already given to this evil cult. Thick-headed dimwits.

  4. “No know nothing” is a double negative, which proves her stupidity.
    What about the deal where they have a “house” on the property for orgies, and both are doing the same sex. The marriage is a sham. Will never patronize any of their movies. A really creepy couple.

  5. she really does sound ignorant in her quote. Just proofs just because you can make movies and make millions doesn’t mean you have class or intelligense. What a pair. His dumbo ears and her dumbo mouth !!!

  6. Wow. What an intelligent quote…Oh, maybe she was just “acting.” It would be the FIRST time.

  7. Most black women should take English classes and learn to speak without sounding so stupid.

  8. There are a ton of white women who should learn proper grammar as well…

  9. Scientology protects the gay/lesbian crowd in hollywood. it’s why so many of them are members. It’s no different with Will and Jada, two in a fake marriage to protect their homosexuality with the help of scientology.

  10. I also have heard that they are swingers, open marriage and all that. What is sickening is they have money out their kazoo, while moral upstanding folks are struggling. They will get theirs sooner or later, but it will be from Above.

  11. Not so sure Malario… weren’t Sci’s behind this huge Prop 8 mess?

  12. I would like to know, where did Jada actually say this, what is your source?

    Personally, I believe in freedom of religion, a Democratic society. That is why we are America independent of British rule, for the very purpose of freedom of religion. I am a fundamental Christian and it is my believe that if you do not believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you will not enter into heaven. However, if you believe something else, more power to you that is absolutely your choice.

  13. Correction, Ace- America fought for independence from British rule in order to have freedom FROM religion – the Church of England – not OF religion.

  14. Will Smith has worked really hard as an actor and has put his Heart and Soul into what he does for a living and He is getting better and better at what his skills are and He has reached inside his heart and soul and pulled out the very best and really works hard at keeping up a standard that is wonderful and deserves preys and his sweetness and kindness is what I see as a Human Being who is becoming better and better at being a Husband and father and Actor and what he loves to do is his joy and his happyness and gives him great peace and joy and that is the only thing that matters..Is that he is living life and his life is full! Very creative man and a jack of all trades.

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