45239.jpgDemi Moore,43, and her superfriendly exhusband Bruce Willis,56, have homes across the street from each other in Idaho. Their three daughters shuffle from house to house and Bruce and Demi have a friendly competition to see who can have the coolest stuff to keep the girls and their friends entertained for longer visits. Bruce moved the competition up a notch when he had a waterpark installed in his own backyard with all the slides and waterfalls a kid could want. The girls were ecstatic and Demi’s husband Ashton Kutcher, 28, took one look, and told his wife a straight face. “I’m going to live at Bruce’s house.”

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14 thoughts on “WHO'S YOUR DADDY?

  1. Is Bruce the guy Lindsay Lohan says she dated and he kept calling her “kid” and she hated it?

  2. I think Bruce put the water slides in to attract new girlfriends! His dates seem to be pretty young.

  3. Those kids must be spoiled. I wish I were one of them.

  4. you know, Ashton seems to have a pretty good sense of humor. His ego must be pretty down to earth to handle a situation like this!

  5. All three of them just seem a little creepy to me. Isn’t anyone else bothered by how close the three of them are to each other?

  6. It’s funky but they seem so ‘comfortable’ in their roles. And let’s face it. The kids to really worry about in H-town are Sean Federline and kids of divorce… Meg Ryan’s kid or even Alec and Kim’s kid.
    Maybe the Willises and Kutchers and the Osbournes are the new families to copy!

  7. I think it is wonderful for the kids…they dont have to choose like alot of kids feel they do

  8. Ashton is the only “cool” one of the bunch. Demi is afraid of her age, Bruce is an egomaniac who if you’ve ever seen an interview talks like a freak. The kids are homely, especially the oldest, Rumor. But they will all I’m sure have acting careers and make millions.

  9. The whole situation is sick. They are all way “too close” and I’m thinkin’ Ashton is gonna have to take a crack (pun intended) at one of those young’uns soon . . .

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