How many A-list celebrity moms do you see sitting in a public park watching a soccer game with her little boy? Besides Jennifer Garner, we can only think of two others – Gwen Stefani and Heidi Klum! Jennifer and Sam were watching one of her daughters play soccer. Garner must be the perfect mom – she spends time with each of her children separately and lets them pursue their own interests. She walks them to school and walks them home. Her little boy Sam is a dead ringer for his mom. And that’s not a bad thing.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts… the list goes on of mothers who watch their childrens’ soccer games. Garner isn’t A-list. She hasn’t made a watchable film in years. She barely works — of course she has time to do these things.

  2. Me! I had a wonderful mother. No need to want another. Can’t believe you asked such a question.

  3. Who wouldn’t want to go to the park and play with kids. The nanny, housekeeper and cook are all back at the mansion working hard so she can be a ‘lady of leisure’. Tough life.

    Regarding Ben: When will she decide to dump him; so do it already. BTW, you are not the perfect little angel, having dumped scott Foley, your first husband, to take up with Ben.

  4. This woman is the worst, I see Ben in that boy, not garner. The woman dumped foley for vartan, vartan for affleck. Ten to 15 years later she’s just older, uglier and saddled with kids who will prefer their dad over her.

  5. Why such harsh criticism of Jennifer Garner? As for the little boy, he’s a dead ringer of his dad.

  6. Little boy looks like Ben Affleck for sure. All the kids are adorable.

    I like Jennifer Garner. The rumors are that Foley and Vartan cheated on her first and it was easier for her to go on to someone else.

    Garner is beautiful in a natural way and looks and dresses like a regular mom most of the time when she is with the kids. I like that. She is a hands-on mom.

    There’s always gonna be haters out there.

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