Is this the week of heartbreak or what? We’re still miserable from the loss of Carrie Fisher yesterday and apparently her mother Debbie Reynolds was so distraught that she suffered a stroke. At her son Todd Fisher’s house, while making funeral plans for her daughter Carrie! Back in the 90’s, we were lucky to have spent a weekend with Debbie Reynolds at her doomed Hotel in Las Vegas. Debbie and her best friend Charles Nelson Reilly were desperately trying to save the hotel from bankruptcy. She invited press people for a free weekend to see the Hollywood Memorabilia Museum she had installed there. She and Charles entertained and wined and dined us nonstop throughout the weekend. We DID love the museum and wrote about it. But nothing could save the mismanaged, dated hotel. Debbie had a lot of disasters in her life- financial and otherwise- but she remained an enthusiastic and positive sweetheart. We will never forget her.

(Above, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and Albert Brooks (her costar in the wonderful “Mother”) at Debbie’s second Walk of Fame star ceremony in 1997)

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. The only good thing is she doesn’t have to grieve her daughter any more, may they both rest in peace

  2. Interesting how you use her death to promote yourself . disgraceful

  3. As if we needed any proof God doesn’t exist, Carrie and Debbie are dead and the dementor Trump still breathes.

  4. And to think we have a man who won the Presidency and can’t manage a casino!!! We are in deep trouble. At least Debbie had talent, was honest and reliable. We would have been a lot better off if Debbie won the election.

  5. This whole thing is insanely sad and amazing on some level. WOW. I still can’t imagine a world with Carrie in it thinking as she said from her mouth….she was brilliant.

    MOTHER with Debbie & Albert was the best film ever. SO GOOD. watch it if you can….. also Debbie was downright incredible as Liberace’s mother in Behind the Chandelier?? whatever it was called…. she knew Lib. in life so I am not sure if she knew his mom but I would have Never known it was Debbie in that role…. RIP

  6. In the grand scheme of things what difference is a world with or without Carrie? She changed nothing.

  7. india,,you were close…the movie is called behind the candelabra

    very sad losing these 2

  8. A big fan of both talented ladies. Loved all of Carrie’s books, movies, and enjoyed interviews with her too. So dam clever and interesting.

  9. strom? do us all a big favor and go shit in your hat……….. you should change your name to Stronzo also.

  10. I can’t imagine what Todd Fisher must be going through. The entire week seems like a bad dream but to lose Debbie Reynolds like that is the saddest celebrity death of all. She was one of the last of that golden era and has been around for as long as I can remember so regardless of her failing health and age, she will be missed.

  11. P.S. – Whoever Strom is, he or she is a very sad person. I don’t see where Janet “promoted” herself in her post of Debbie Reynolds. She was stating a fact and bringing us a good memory of Debbie Reynolds. How is that promoting herself? Get a life, Strom.

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