whitneycut_300x400.jpgWhitney Houston is having problems finishing her new album – which was supposed to come out in June. She and her producer Clive Davis are clashing- he wants one thing and she wants another. Whitney wants to stick to her successful old formula and use her own people on the album while Clive has new ideas. He wants NEW people like Christina Aguilera to collaborate with Whitney. Whitney seems to think she doesn’t NEED any new people while Clive insists they change with the times. Whitney’s pal Ray J has a song he recorded with Whitney that he’s dying to release on his album, but Clive’s label, Jive, isn’t cooperating. Whitney’s a handful, but Clive knows she’s worth it.


  1. Clive might be missing the mark on this one.
    Wonder why she hasn’t gotten into jazz & blue music. I mean, some of the great female entertainers have come and gone , leaving one huge void to fill.
    Wonder when the last time they visited Clarksdale Mississippi to get a feel of the South?

  2. Wow! That’d be so cool if they’d take a road trip and see the plight of black people. No doubt they’re are places in So. California which have their problems but nothing like the real deep south.
    I guess when you make it big, one rides around in a corporate jet flying over these historical landmarks and one wonders why they’re having problems coming up with new music… Hey folks, ya gotta experience life from these remote locations…
    Why do you think all those brits came over during the late 50’s and early 60’s to play the the Blues Legends ?

  3. Once a stupid woman,always a stupid woman.She drove her career into the ground and seems to think she knows whats best?All those drugs and cheap wigs seem to have fried her brain.

  4. Geez, she should be grateful Clive has a given her a chance to reclaim her career. She should be kissing his bloody feet…

  5. No, she’s not. There’s are plenty of other singers out there who are dying for a chance, and who won’t be a “handful.” Who needs a diva? Not Clive Davis. He should have learned his lesson by now.

  6. Clive should put his energy into someone else. This is probably Whitney’s one bit last shot at a successful CD and she is blowing it. She hasn’t had a hit in years, I don’t know why she thinks she’s an expert.

  7. You guyz need to chill out Whitney has the right to challenge & put input into her album if she wants. I am sure Clive & Whitney are having frienly conversations concerning the album & projection. This gossip story is pure horseshit most likely.

  8. Aguilera’s CD bottomed out. It was 68 last week. Her last two singles tanked. If Whitney has her voice back Clive should let her go back to what worked for her in the beginning of her career. Christina is everything that’s wrong with powerful singing. Whitney as a crackchick is far classier than Skanktina.

  9. Two words for Whitney regarding her reluctance to work with fresh faces on her new album: Janet. Jackson. Same old, same old doesn’t always work, and it certainly didn’t on her last album. Nothing wrong with changing with the times.

  10. whitney should change. Change is good! and Clive Davis is right about this one..though he was wrong about Mario Vazquez. Got him big time producers/writers and the album sinked. Mario worked with Cesar(guitarist/songwriter called “the next santana”)but Clive is refusing to listen to Cesar unless his music is coming from “his friends” in the business. I hope, like Whitney, Clive learn his lesson.
    Clive you should open your mind as well.

  11. Clive may be wrong but he really wants to see Christina and Whitney going down on each other while he plays beat it and does so! Whitney will be sucking cock on the streets in another couple of years.

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