Kesha arrived at LAX hiding behind her boyfriend with her hoody pulled down low. She looks strange – more lip injections, perhaps? She was freaked at the prospect of her medical information leaking during her court battle with that producer – maybe she had some secret cosmetic procedures. Little known fact: Kesha cannot BEAR to be single – she‘s one of those girls who is MISERABLE if she doesn’t have a boyfriend, so she holds on tight when she does…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


4 thoughts on “WHAT’S WRONG WITH KESHA?

  1. this “triggered” the shit outta me…….i guess since this is all gossip other than rarely…… asking what is wrong with whoever is better copy….

    maybe there is nothing wrong with her and whose BIZ is it anyway
    she doesn’t give a flip what a bunch of bored anonymous weirdos reading this bullshit here think….
    or maybe she does.
    what the hell do i know? that i need to stop coming to this site again obv. carry on… bye freaks!!

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