Katy Perry looks more like somebody’s Aunt Vera, than a pop star in this awful Christmas inspired get-up. SOME celebrities are in dire need of stylists even when they are NOT on the red carpet. Katy usually looks nice when she is dressed for an event, but when she’s left to her own devices, bad things happen. What she lacks in style, however, Katy makes up for with her good heart. She performed, dressed like this, at a Malibu benefit concert for the Woolsey fire victims held in Calabasas.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. She looks rather busty in that jumper but her hair is doing her no favours

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  3. She looks perfect for that setting. This isn’t a red-carpet event, Janet.

  4. Katy is so unlucky in love. She just can’t seem to find her soulmate , even tho she keeps on trying.

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