Only in America can you learn about how your future president used to try to pick up women when he was single! Back in 1998 when Donald Trump had split with Marla Maples and had not yet met Melania, he was trying to hook up by phone. Talkative actress Emma Thompson told this story to a European magazine: She received a call out of the blue in her trailer on the set where she was filming Primary Colors. “Hi – it’s Donald Trump here- I just, you know, wondered if I could offer you some accommodation in one of my Trump Towers- they’re really comfortable.” He continued “I think we could get along very well- maybe we could have dinner some time!” Surprised Emma politely and diplomatically declined, but wishes she had taken him up on the offer. “Think of the STORIES!” (Frankly, we are surprised by Donald’s attraction to a smart and entertaining woman like Emma.)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Oh STOP IT!! How condescending..Melania knows like what 5 languages? and didn’t Emma marry a man who is known to be a serial cheater while she was married to him (Liam) but oh we won’t talk about THAT?

  2. susieserb.

    Melania knows 1 and a 1/2 languages (the 1/2 being English), she lied about graduating college, and she was working as a prositiute, not a model, in NY when she met 45.

    Anything else you want to know about the First “Lady?”

    45 could never have gotten anyone as intelligent or classy as Emma Thompson. Does a pig date a schoolteacher?

  3. dan dan so misinformed.stop believing the drive by media…many EU’ions know lots of languages..sorry you are WRONG about Melania.

    BTW never addressed the truth that Liam was a horrible serial cheater while married to Emma.

    Nor do you address the fact that Bill Clinton was (IS) a perverted dweeb and cheater on many levels JUST LIKE HIS WIFE…

    DJT WON get use to it people.

  4. Only morons like you think 45 being in the White House is a good thing. He will destroy our country. And his wife is an ignorant whore.

  5. Old Man Trump is a evil, selfish, immature, woman-hating pervert. He married a mannequin that barely speaks English.

    I like Emma. Kenneth Branagh (her first husband who is a decent director/actor) was a serial cheater. Although, I liked the two of them together.

  6. Any attractive woman who could lower herself to be with that big orange pig must surely have a strong stomach.

    Trump getting frisky? The very thought makes me vomitous.

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