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It’s no surprise that Paris Hilton has a limited sense of values or responsibility when her family seems to be as out of it as she is. You will recall that Paris and her mother Kathy and sister Nicky had dinner together at Mr Chow the night before she checked into custody. Apparently no one in the family expects to pay for anything. According to reports, when the waiter presented them with a bill they were shocked and not one of them had a credit card or enough cash on them! Can you imagine? Three adults with such a sense of entitlement that they don’t bother to carry money. Like Queen Elizabeth! They promised to call up with a card number but two days later hadn’t gotten around to it. We’re sure they won’t stiff the restaurant- we just can’t fathom people who walk around never expecting to pay for anything.

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  1. Trash is as trash does the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

  2. How could you possibly be SHOCKED by this? These people are the definition of self-imposed entitlement. You think Parasite learned her bigotry and racism anywhere but home? She was raised and trained to be the disgusting waste of space that she is. I will not insult pigs by calling her one.

  3. This goes along with the other story:BRITNEY SPEARS THINKS PARIS HILTON IS A FREELOADER”.
    Why did this restaurant think that these losers would pay? If I was the manager, I would have made them call the old man and made them give up a credit card number. The restaurant was stiffed and the poor servers were juked out of a tip. Hello Hollyweird! All Hiltons are FREELOADERS!! Do not serve them food! If this would happen anywhere else, the police would have been called!

  4. The Queen of England has a lady in waiting and it is her job to pay for the what ever the Queen purchases shopping or eating out… The Hiltons are just free loaders that bluff their way out of paying..Another name for them is DEAD BEATS or COMMON THEIVES…

  5. Comparing Queen Elizabeth to those people is wrong.


  7. So why does the press still give these people the publicity they crave? If their names never appeared in print again (and they became truly the nobodys they are), they would not receive special treatment in restaurants, stores, etc. They have not contributed one positive thing to our socity.
    So quit doing stories on these losers!!!

  8. And you wonder why Paris is such a filthy low class pig.
    Look at Mommy.
    Skanks. The lot of them.

  9. That’s because they really don’t have as much money as everyone thinks they do. The family sold most of it’s hotels years ago, and only own a fraction which has to be divided among many Hiltons.

  10. They get away with this behavior because people LET THEM get away with it. Can you imagine any of us refusing to pay at a resto or saying we ‘didn’t have a credit card with us?’ Do you think the mgmt would just let anyone walk out w/a promise? Nooooo they would not.
    These people and peeps like them are treated like royalty and they perpetuate the problem.

  11. If I ate in a restaurant and couldn’t pay the bill….you want to bet your ass I wouldn’t be walking out of there with the cops being called. Sheesh!

  12. Does this mean we can stay at Hilton Hotels free? heh heh

  13. Has mommy Kathy forgot she was a two bit child actress with no talent? Short term memory on that hide…

  14. I am watching the news and hope she goes back to jail.
    Anyone else would probably have gotten more time and NEVER ever been released from jail when the Superior Court Judge was specifically against it. No you and I would have been seen by a prison Doctor. AND if she’s so sick, why did she have friends and family over to celebrate…when she’s so sick. It’s disgusting and I hope heads roll.

  15. If Kathy was a better mother none of her kids would be having problems. She’s just like Dina who couldn’t cut it on their own so their using their children. They are poor excuses for parents and I wish they all (kids in all) would crawl back under the rocks from which they came from.

  16. First it is wrong to assume that the place you eat at is going to pay the bill…First things first..I would had called 911 and tell the Police that they are trying to stick me with the bill but…Before that ever happen..I would tell them to make a phone call to some one they know with money and come down and pay the bill…Before they leave the place!!! This people are so Rich and they spend massive amount of money on there clothes and there style of living and they often throw away there money on over priced crazy price items and yet they can’t afford to eat and if in the future if they know…They love to eat at that place then simply get a credit card and place it on record for each visit to there location… But If you did not pay me…I would simply band you from my place for life.

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