Napolean Dynamite is now a cartoon. The 2004 cult movie starring Jon Heder is being reanimated by Fox for a January debut. Heder will reprise his leading role in the animated TV version and other cast members including Efren Ramirez (Pedro) will be providing their character’s familiar voices. The movie’s director and writer are also involved in the project. It’s a smart move for Fox – the movie took in 46 million dollars and only cost $400,000 to make.

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  1. I can’t imagine this as an animiated series, but who knows? The movie was fun, but I’ve never been able to get past the fact that Jon Heder is SUPER Morman. Ugh.

  2. I really hated this movie and its fans annoy me for some reason. Hmm

    I’d prefer The Smurfs to come back (without Perry’s voice ’cause it’s ANNOYING too). I grew up with The Smurfs and the cartoons had good messages in them.

    I will not be watching this ND cartoon. I give it 20% chance of surviving ’cause ND is history. They should have done this years ago…maybe then I’d say ‘sure’

  3. Tina the llama, and Uncle Rico. One of my favorite scenes, when Napoleon throws the orange and hits the windshield of Uncle Rico’s van, and he screams “like a girl”.

  4. Mormonism, sad to say, is a false cult. They won’t make it into heaven.

  5. Christine, there you go again on other people’s belief’s. Who made YOU judge of who gets into “Heaven”? They believe in God, and are decent people and the young people usually spend a couple of their youth years helping others less fortunate. Of course, they bring their religion along with them and try to shove it down those people’s throats Which I don’t agree with. If you REALLY believe in God and are on a mission to good for others less fortunate, just help them and leave them to believe whaat they WANT to believe on thei own. In other words, let them make up their own minds and stop trying to brainwash people who may be uneducated and easily swayed to your your control.
    Jim Jones anyone?

  6. By the way, didn’t think the movie was funny but I’m impressed beyond belief at those of you who can recall certain scenes. Perhaps you’ve seen the movie several times.
    There are movies I’m seen 2,3,4 times over many years, but I still can’t quote charactors, just recall scenes in my head that impressed me.
    But hell, I can’t even memorize my own poetry!

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