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Chevy Chase, has indeed, always been his own worst enemy. He was lucky enough to be in the cast of Saturday Night Live when it premiered in 1975 and the show was an immediate sensation. His success was so intoxicating that he quit after the first season “to become a movie star.” And he never looked back. Rumors that he was obnoxious were just starting to circulate but he was still generally admired. I happened to make a date with a young actor who appeared in the very successful film “Nashville” that same year and he brought his friend Chevy along. We ended up at someone’s fabulous hillside house watching TV and the REAL Chevy was soon revealed. He made nonstop insulting comments about everyone on the tube. He was condescending and pretentious about his fancy upbringing and vulgar to boot. He made everyone feel awful – especially his nice actor friend. It was an unforgettable and very revealing evening.

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  1. that is sad to hear about him. He had the world by the tail. Too bad. He looked feeble and lost the other night.

  2. Now this is some quality gossip. Thanks JC!!!!

    But aren’t most entertainment types self centered, pretentious and demeaning to others?

  3. Now he’s got congestive heart failure, which is surprising since he has no heart. He’s a bully, bigot, sexist and pig. I feel for his wife and three daughters to have had him in their lives. Maybe they will soon be free of him.

  4. He is not unlike any other liberal scumbag. Someone should punch him in his vagina.

  5. Wow. He looks exactly like the kind of characters he used to make fun of.

  6. and Kitty’s

    “Just another obnoxious, brain dead Republican asshole! “

  7. No surprise there. He has long been rumored to be a class A asshole.

  8. Tiny little imposter….it loves Strom so much it wants to be him. But will never happen except in its little fantasy world. He will end up fat and grey like Chevy Chase.

    Go back to the Call Center and maybe one day minimum wage will rise.

  9. God Almighty, that meeting with Mr. Chase was 40 years ago! Let it go. People do change.

  10. Ad he ended up fat, bald, jowly, and not nearly successful as he could have been. Maybe rich, but not mega rich!

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