Naomi Osaka did a photoshoot for Frankies Bikinis at my LA house and I sensed SOMETHING was wrong. At first I thought she might have regretted doing the deal with Frankies, because posing in a bikini can be embarrassing even for professional models. Naomi looked great in the suits, but they had her wear a pink wig and she did not look happy. In fact, we never saw her smile all day – with or without the camera. And we never saw her chat with anyone on the set in a relaxed manner. The resulting photos will no doubt sell a lot of swimsuits, but her face looked painfully uncomfortable in every one. Now we understand – she revealed that she is introverted and suffers from social anxiety. Those press conferences must have been torture for her. She deserves a break…

Photo: Frankies Bikinis



  1. She does deserve a break.

    The French Open requires press participation and the resulting promotion to pay for sponsors and rich purses for winners.

    Osaka pulled out of the tournament, which was the right thing to do, because she couldn’t fulfill her contractual obligations.

    There is no one in the wrong here.

    Hope that she will get some peace and the French Open will have a great tournament.

  2. Naomi looks stupid in this pic.

    Amazing when you consider Serena Williams was never expelled for her curse filled rants and violent acts. And she was never tested for steriods and even gender when they were obvious.

  3. Since when did it become OK to renege on your obligations? Since the WOKE crowd came to town?

    Professional sports has been around for ages and any pro knows the drill. If she can’t hack it, then find another profession.

  4. Janets home looks like something you would see on Marcus Welby M.D.

  5. @Strom, please take your vile racist comments and shove it you know where. Serena Williams is the most tested female athlete and she had been for over 20 years now. She tested also for the Olympics and came out clean. You just can’t stand to see a strong woman of color take no bs from haters like you. Naomi is struggling right now but she is young and will eventually get back on track.

  6. Susan is wrong, as is usual, and is a total enabler of all things reparations. Serena’s hate filled comments and verbal assaults’ on judges would have gotten anyone else tossed right out of professional sports. She was NEVER tested regularly for steroids’, which her looks and behavior indicates she was a user.

    As for gender, maybe Patrick is still eager to do a grab test in hopes of what he finds!

  7. Susan would do the grab test in a split second but only if she was certain Serena was a she!

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