We were delighted to see that Bravo’s Andy Cohen agrees with us on the subject of Madonna and her choices. Why Madonna brings out the WORST in the online haters is a mystery. We LOVE that Madonna has the courage NOT to dress like everyone else on red carpets. Andy also enjoys her originality in a sea of celebrities who are afraid to be different. Most unpleasant are the WOMEN who pick on Madonna for being “too old” to wear this or do that. Hey, lighten up. She’s a popstar and has a great body, why not play it to the hilt? As Andy says “She’s Madonna. Let her keep being Madonna. Don’t take that away.”

Photo: Patrick McMullen



  1. Who cares what anyone says. If Madonna dresses like an old trash bag, then that’s what she is. If she had a hot career still and was young it wouldn’t be so awful, but this old goat knows better. Act you age girl, not your shoe size. You can be different and dignified all at the same time. Kick rocks Andy.

  2. Agree with you Janet. She’s a colourful character, especially when compared to the dull dresses at the Grammy’s. People really hate her, I almost hope it makes her do it more.

  3. Luv ya, Andy, and you are right SHE is MaDonna

    So perhaps she should stop trying to be Cher

    Just sayin’

  4. @Janet’s Filthy Wig – LOL!!! Have to agree.

    She needs a long view, 3 way mirror & morals.

  5. At some point you have to age with dignity. She is a mother of how many kids, think how embarrassed they are by her.

  6. There is not an original thought, lyric or song in this filthy disgusting Woman’s head. She has been plaguing society with her uninspired and despicable presence since 1983.

  7. Oh, Palermo, parents don’t have to actually DO something to make their kids embarrassed!

  8. She needs to cover up her dead ass and get off the stage! Vogue is the only song I ever liked and that was really over produced!

  9. She loves to shock and disarm anyone by sarcasm and venom for respectful propriety into not trusting any of her motives., sorta over her lack of humor and slight talent now..

  10. whaddya mean “picking on”?

    this is a marginally talented person who made it to superstardom on her knees.

    shes very little to complain about!

  11. who, at this this age, is still performing so energetic.

    please name one……………

  12. I am proud to say I have never purchased any of Madonna’s music. Ever.

  13. Guy Ritchie dumped her (and took a shit-load of her cash) and clearly, McDonna lost her damn mind. She has never, ever, been acquainted with DIGNITY. And it will only get worse as she ages and becomes more desperate for attention. 🙁

  14. I thought she sucked when she was young. She’s not so ground breaking especially since everything she does someone else was already doing. She doesn’t create she appropriates. It would have only been a matter of time before the true artists that she takes her ideas from would have turned up but because she’s Madonna with money and power she got the work out first then slapped her by line on it. Her costumes are hideous I don’t care who designed them and it’s not her body that I don’t want to see,again, it’s that witch puppet face! I wouldn’t care at all if she finally decided to wrap it up and maybe mentor young and new talent rather than stealing from them.

  15. One day the truth about her will come out and its very ugly. Those who used to sing odes to her will actually spit at her….

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