994694.jpgA Network leak has informed us that Star Jones’ replacement on The View has been chosen. In fact , our source insists it was a done deal several months ago. Nobody’s admitting anything yet, but we hear that Bo Griffin, who has been described as the “Oprah of Radio,” is primed to step into Star’s Payless shoes. So who IS this woman, you might ask. Bo was a big Miami radio personality for years before she came to Hollywood to do TV shows including “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” which she hosted. For three years she was a roving reporter on Fox’s Good Day Live and then she left LA and took over The Morning Show on 98.9 FM in Greenville, South Carolina. Her popular show featured many of Oprah’s themes – relationships, self improvement etc. If our snitch is right and she relocates to New York, we wonder if Bo will have to close the Goddess dress shop she opened in Greenville . Coincidentally or not, she bears more than a passing physical resemblence to Star, but is said to be “much nicer.”

46 thoughts on “WATCH OUT STAR – HERE SHE COMES!

  1. Is this Star’s replacement?

    A Network leak has informed us that Star Jones’ replacement on The View has been chosen. In fact , our source insists it was a done deal several months ago. Nobody’s admitting anything yet, but we hear that Bo Griffin, who has been desc…

  2. Bo Griffin is WAY more attractive and personable that Star.

  3. I love Bo! I hope it’s true, Bo will give it more class. Since they hired Rosie I thought I might stop watching but now if Bo comes on I might continue watching.

  4. Bo: credibility. Rosie: fireworks.
    Could be interesting.

  5. So no more auditions for Brandy and all the others ?

  6. “More than a passing resemblence”??? She looks nothing like Star.

  7. The show will be boring with Barbara, Elisabeth and now Bo. I am not going to watch anymore. Yuk!

  8. Ok, people. Let’s put one thing to rest. Just because they are both black women doesn’t mean they look a like. Even in that picture Bo looks nothing like Star Jones. The only resemblance is the fact they both have long black hair, brown skin and are women. That doesn’t mean they look a like.

  9. okay but if they replace her witha white host, people will say Bias. If they replace her with a black host, people will say You can’t compare her to Star… when in reality, they would be replacing a black host with another black host!! She doesn’t ‘look’ like Star Jones but she definitely has the long hair, glamorous news-look going.

  10. If true, it’s interesting that they hired her without the typical audition process we’ve seen over the years. Wonder if we’ll see Bo “audition” for the spot.
    On a related note, I thought Brandy really held her own on the show. Not sure she brings what the show needs but she was funny, respectful and sweet.

  11. Whether you liked Star or not she’s very well educated and articulate. Bo seems nice but too “entertainment” oriented and with Meredith and Star both gone they need someone with a more professional background otherwise the “View” becomes another “Regis & Kelly” type show.

  12. The show should have a black woman to vary it’s flavor. Who wants to see a bunch of old white women sitting and bitching all day. Bring in a smart black woman any day. Bring in another View. Bo would be amazing, and I’m really thrilled about Rosie. She will be in the history books for being one of the first out and talking live about her wife and her children. It’ll be a first for a gay person. You never see Ellen ever talk about relationships or anything personal, which may be who she is, but it would be nice to finally have another REAL View from a lesbian, gay woman, who has a family of her own. Rosie will finally be able to be herself. You could tell the last few years with all the craziness of life and pretending took a toll on her, her show, and just her overall personality. No one should have to live or work like that. I love the new Rosie and quite frankly, the View needed a complete change.

  13. Yeah…but I think that Rosie and Joy will clash. It will be great to see those two go at it. It will start with them debating. Then, one of them will talk over the other. Boom! The claws will come out. That will probably be one hell of a loud set with those two bitches barking at eachother.

  14. I hate to say this, but they’re all too old. Get a younger panel, like Brandy and Jessica Simpson and maybe a couple brainy types. Rosie is a fat old hag.

  15. [quote]I hate to say this, but they’re all too old. Get a younger panel, like Brandy and Jessica Simpson and maybe a couple brainy types. Rosie is a fat old hag.
    How old are you? 16? No one would be the least bit interested in Brandy or Simpson. Their type get enough air time on just about every other channel anyway, and with all that, neither one of them has said anything remotely interesting.

  16. Whoever said Rosie and Joy will should know that they’re good friends and will probably agree most of the time. Those two will probably clash with that dimwit Elizabeth and she needs to start packing because she won’t be there much longer after Rosie gets there.

  17. yeah,
    aside from both women being black, they share no other physical similarities.
    it’s a really cheesy move to replace star jones with another black female. the view could have chosen a woman of any enthic idenity to replace star jones for IT’S FINAL SEASON.

  18. god. they should’ve replaced her with al reynolds!

  19. no. ABC is still cleaning up I dont believes she had a contract months ago. ABC doesnt want folks to believe that Rosie is a part of Star’s demise, which she definitely is.

  20. I remember Bo from infomercials in the mid 1990’s or a little earlier.
    They used to be on in the middle of the night when i was up late.
    She has a heartier laugh/voice than Star does.
    She was also on recently doing a “make over knock- knock” session on a show called “Home Delivery”. Dont’ know if that show is on anymore.

  21. To Caucasians women/people all black people look alike; the caucasian people weirdness will cease. Star looks nothing like Bo and Bo looks nothing like Star. Bo certainly does not have Star intelligence. Bo is like a Paparazzi to the Stars we have enough of that with entertainment tonight and the other weird shows. Joy know nothing about anything so that is why she make stupid jokes. Barbara has lost all credibility with the public and Elisabeth shoots off at the mouth without completely through a statement expressed most of time. Bo is not a Star and she should not be compared to Star. Star had an intellect that no other black or caucasian had ever possessed.

  22. I hope that Bo does not accept that position; I hope ‘The View’ just shut down. Bye bye View

  23. I met Bo back when she was doing entertainment segments at WTVJ, NBC in Miami.
    She is an absolute doll!!! I was about 13 years old and visiting the studios, out of all the personalities there she was by far the nicest. She even gave me a shout-out on her radio program the next morning.
    Great choice, ABC.

  24. I saw the resemblance right away. I thought, Wow, what a great picture of Star! And then I saw who it really was, and okay.. the more I looked at it, they don’t look alike, but at first glance..come on, they do a little!! 🙂


  26. Star had an intellect that no other black or caucasian had ever possessed.

  27. This show has become a complete bore! Meredith left and star jones fired. Joy is ok, Barbara is boring now and Elisabeth man she just annoys when she speaks……they really should get rid of elisabeth if they want to revamp this show.

  28. More than a passing resemblence? She’s black and overweight….
    Guess “they all look alike” :rolleyes”.
    Does anyone know what her political leanings are?

  29. I don’t really care whether it’s Bo or not. But to call her Greenville radio show “popular” is a stretch. It failed miserably, and that’s why it’s no longer on the air.

  30. Not all white people think that all black people look alike and to make statements like that is just plain ignorant. Why must everyone think in terms of color for every remark made? Give it a rest already. I love Bo and think she would be fantastic.

  31. All I know is Bo is no longer on 98.9 in Greenville – hasn’t been for at least 2 weeks. So where has she gone and she’s not listed on their website either.

  32. Good luck Bo, please lay off the caffeine before you go on the air. There are two different “Bo’s”. The Bo you see on Turner South is the Bo that gets the job. The Bo that was on Magic 98.9 Greenville/Spartanburg was a “Train Wreck”. Bo try switching to decaf coffee,no diet pills and please ditch the nervous laugh. Maybe Radio is not Bo’s gig, she is much better in TV.

  33. I did enjoy the View years back and not because of Star. However,the View needs to go off the air while they can get people to come to the show.
    As cute as Elizabeth is, she is too young to be with grown women and has not contributed in the entertainment industry, nor on the show.
    She is just a seat warmer.

  34. awesome! Star was boring and certainly disingenuious, if not downright phony. Bo will be anything but boring and like Rosie will bring a compassionate humanity with a sense of humor and a quick wit and something all can relate to. both are extremely intelligent. they will handle their own with Barbara and Joy and Lizbeth. MORE POWER TO ABC.

  35. Preachy Elisebeth Has an annoying voice and she loves to talk.At the moment it is Joy’s comments that keeps it going.Hope E.will not talk so much with that voice of hers once Rosie joins.It is because of Joy that we watch the show at the moment.From Canada

  36. I am from Greenville SC and her radio show did not fail. It was on the air for over a year and a half. It had quite a following. Her show went off the air just days BEFORE Star Jones announced she was leaving the View. In April 2006, Bo mentioned a rumor started by one of those New York newspapers that she was already being looked at as a replacement for Start Jones.
    Bo only resembles Star in the fact they share the same skin color. That’s where it stops. I met Bo last year at a party and I can tell you this, if she were the one hired for the View, she certainly would shake it up and do a helluva better job than Rosey (blah) and Star.

  37. I am hoping it’s true, Bo seems to be a good fit. Anyone is a gift after egotistical Star, she was a real loser in my opinion and hurt the show.

  38. Does anyone know where Bo Griffin is now? She evidently is not going to be on The View. I enjoyed her radio show in Greenville and then she just disappeared.

  39. I met Bo at the mall recently and she is the nicest woman that I ever met. So if you ever have anything foul to say about her I suggest that you keep it to yourself. And she’s way more beautiful than Star!!!

  40. thats good news shes fine and very easy on the eyes I don’t really like the show but i’ll watch it if she comes one hubba hubba

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