We have another bone to pick with Gloria Allred, who is representing the four men insulted by Michael Richards at the Laugh Factory. She set up a meeting so that Richards can apologize to them in person. That’s fine, but a retired judge will “mediate” and there MAY be a CASH SETTLEMENT involved. A BAD idea.

Imagine a world where people insulted are routinely rewarded with cash settlements! Lawyers will be licking their chops. We think Richards’ public humiliation and a sincere apology are enough.
What do YOU think?

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  1. It should be decided on a case to case basis, in this instance those people were insulted and couldn’t defend themselves cause Michael had the mic. And then the story went online, which is public humiliation for them too, not just Michael…And contrary to him, who will continue to rack in the millions from DVD sales, they wouldn’t be “compensanted” by the press this story got.
    Another thing to consider is that “words” sometimes can create as much damage as “battery”, and an apology is not always enough especially when the person abused of their power/position.

  2. I do think they should be compensated only because they were in a business establishment where they paid to go for a good time not to be humiliated in front of everyone. If it was on the street or in a private home then it would be different, at the club they were prisoners to the insults.

  3. I remember years ago in Germany you would get a fine if you flipped someone off. I don’t know if it’s still like that. I think it’s a great idea to have people pay for being rotten to each other. If that’s what it takes, then so be it.

  4. It’s completely horrible what Richards said but at the same time what about freedom of speech? You should be able to voice your opinion, no matter how much it sucks. People say stuff I hate all the time but I don’t expect cash from them.
    Personally, it’s changed my view of Michael Rhicards…I can’t stand the word he used and it’s meant to offend and hurt. But he’s free to say what he wants, when he wants, just like everyone else in this country.

  5. May I remind EVERYONE these men were hecklers. Guess what, you run the risk of having someone talk back to you when you interrupt a performance. While Richards’ first response wasn’t as bad as his second, an apology will do. Should we all sue Mel for his unprovoked words?

  6. Michael apologized and I doubt he’ll use that word in public again.
    He should shut up now and have his lawyer deal with
    Gloria. Offer to refund the cost of their admission to the show and NOTHING more.

  7. How fucking stupid – these morons just want some easy cash. They don’t deserve a dime. This whole entire thing is so over-the-top. Move on – there are more important things to get your panties in a twist about than what some comedian says. Geesh!

  8. If you’ve ever been to a comedy show, you’ve heard hecklers. Yes, what Richards said was horrible, but why isn’t anyone talking about what the hecklers said to provoke him? My point is, anyone who is able to provoke a comedian into a rant COULD NOT be so THIN-SKINNED as to be offended by what he said that they deserve gobs of money!!!! It’s not like Michael Richards went up to those people on the street and then harrassed them. Those men obviously knew they were at a comedy show and they obviously intended to heckle Ricahrds and get some sort of response SO THEY SHOULD QUIT WHINING ABOUT THE RESPONSE THEY GOT!!!!! Michael Richards will pay dearly for his remarks (and he should), but not for the benefit of the people who provoked him.

  9. They went to a comedy club, not the symphony. If they didn’t like his response to their heckling they could leave. They were not trapped there.
    I don’t think he should apologize, it’s freedom of speech.
    It’s ridiculous to have a “word” that only part of the population is allowed to use.

  10. My god, this is still America. Freedom of speech still exists. It was horrible what he said but that was it..horrible. Money involved? Absurd.

  11. Gloria Allred is nothing but a headline grabbing sea hag on a broken broom.That swamp monkey would go to the moon if she would get press doing it.Those men deserve a kick in the arse,They started the whole thing by yelling at him,hes a comic and went too far,so than why is it ok for black comics to tell racist gay and woman,and white jokes and thats ok?I hope gloria and her money hungry clients get nothing but a swift kick in their skanky asses……..OYE VEY

  12. These guys started the crap with their heckling. Richards responded by acting like an ass. Idiots all around. Both sides should apologize. No money should trade hands. Why do people always think they should be paid for their humiliation? I’ve been insulted and humiliated plenty of times, haven’t tried to cash in once. If people want to protest, do so buy not buying his DVD’s or paying to see him “perform”.

  13. I’m sorry but If blacvk people can use the word nigger in comedy routines, movies, day to day conversations, rap lyrics and so on, then we should all be able to use it randomly too. They are constantly using the words Honkey, faggot. white trash and nobody makes a big deal out of it. All I have to say is If you have never used the word nigger before step up….. see youre still sitting down.

  14. I think Michael apologizing is quite enough. I think they are taking this incident a little too far. For god sakes he called them a name and apologized for it. What more is he supposed to do. I dont believe these people should get a cash settlement thats a little extreme.

  15. “at the club they were prisoners to the insults.”
    They got up and left, didn’t they? They weren’t chained to their seats. They also got their money back.
    “a big to-do about NOTHING.”
    Yep. If the hecklers were female and he’d hurled the C word and some woman-haterisms at them no one would care a wit. I’ve seen it happen many times.

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