viva%20las%20vegasWe happen to have a weakness for rockabilly music and fashion and vintage cars so we feel obliged to remind readers about the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend coming up April 5 – 8. It’s all happening at the Gold Coast Hotel (much more affordable than The Hard Rock) and the weekend event includes nonstop rockabilly bands and dancing, jitterbug and burlesque contests, a slick vintage car show and everybody is dressed up like greasers, hipsters and pin-up girls! Vendors from everywhere will be selling clothes, shoes, accessories, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran records etc. (Be sure to visit our reader Cynthia’s booth My Vintage Hut.) This gathering attracts rockabillies from all over the world and they look fabulous. Elvis LIVES!


  1. Stop plugging some tacky bullshit you like Janet. This isn’t gossip and no one reading this gives a damn about a bunch of people trying to channel Elvis.

  2. You drag queens hate the old rock, hillbilly stuff don’t ya!?

  3. Janet, your site is getting stale real fast. We come for gossip not this boring crap.

  4. Dressed up? Elvis lives? She makes everyone going sound like a bunch of Rockabilly Trekkies. I mean promotion is great, but she makes it sound like some poser gathering.

  5. Those rockabilly guys are really hot – I know what Janet’s talking about.

  6. Ya know just last weekend I found some old 1950 era cars where in which the guy is selling pieces off the cars. But I asked the guy if he would mind me walking around his place taking some arty like photos, close up on chrome and such. That ole Jay Leno would probably buy this guy out in seconds flat if he saw what this guy had… lol.
    Mustangs, Chargers, bunch stuff don’t even know the names of some of the models, all unfortunely have a rust, but nothing some good bondo or fiberglass can’t hide.
    Hey, 1950’s era stuff is around here in the south, just like Elvis Place is 74 miles due south of Dyersburg.

  7. You mean to tell me that’s not a drag queen straddling the shark torpedo?

  8. why such a stupid pose need some action here boring to the gill

  9. ===
    ==OMG! I love everything Rockabilly! This sounds great! I want to be there! Must look up flight details! Thanx!

  10. Um this sold out WEEKS ago. If you didn’t know it was going on, you don’t need to be there. VLV is the rockabilly Olympics, Oscars, and Christmas all rolled into one. So seriously…if you didn’t know it was going on by now…you need to stay home.

  11. What a bunch of lame haters. Anything boring around here is you & your stupid comments. No one cares what you think about this awesome event. Just because you don’t understand this culture doesn’t make it stupid. Get a life morons.
    Viva Las Vegas!
    Great art, cars, and woman..

  12. jessie what a mouth on you girl it stinks we can make comments too good or bad .

  13. all this just a boring piece of info it looks stupid and dumb and crazy and weird and childish

  14. Casonia sade logenberry..Two ladies tossed off of Hells kitchen and the reason is there actions did not match there words. Saying it and not doing it is away out the door. Put up or shut up! says:

    Having fun and making history is always grand to do and Las Vegas really rocks.

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