The fact that Victoria Beckham is having back problems takes a back seat to the fact that she CANNOT WEAR HIGH HEELS! Victoria has a slipped disc that her recent pregnancy made worse and her doctor advised her NOT to further jeopardize her aching back by wearing heels. Next month she has to be at New York’s Fashion week for the first time wearing flat shoes. She was seen wearing pair of Amy Winehouse style ballet flats when she went out with her husband David recently, but she’s worried about Fashion Week. (She’s going to look very short!) Fortunately she has friends in high places and Christian Louboutin is designing some flat shoes just for her – with red soles, of course.


  1. It must really suck being so insecure that your worried about your appearance wearing flat shoes for a short (LOL) time, instead of being concerned with sorting out your back!! That is really screwed up.

  2. I mean wearing flat shoes doesn’t mean David is going to cheat… well anymore than he currently does.

  3. It’s more concerning that the baby weight, if any, came off so soon.

  4. She’s a bunioned, boring human clothes hanger, whose anorexia has gifted her with a ketones-laden breath that can peel paint.

    And now she’s just excreted a mini-me. Sympathies to her daughter.

  5. This is a joke, right? The world is falling apart, people are dying, children are starving, and the biggest problem Mrs. Beckham has is that she has to wear flat shoes? Give me a break!

  6. This is a joke, right? The world is falling apart, people are dying, children are starving, and THIS is news? Give me a break!

  7. Vanity, thy name is Victoria Beckham.

    LOL @ Cal. Everyone suspects that girly-voice David is still (very discretely) cheating. I’m sure this is one of the reasons that you never see her smiling.

    Just like Kelly Ripa, she can’t stand to wear flats, because heels makes them look oh so sexy, and maybe their men won’t have a roving eye. Dumb-ass airheads.

    And as to Kelly Ripa (another vain beeatch); she lives in the Hamptons and Miss Irene is currently headed there and fast.

  8. I don’t get why being short is a negative. And, as much as I love high heels, many men prefer women in a more relaxed state: less makeup, jeans & a T, low heels and unfussy hair.

  9. Only petty women would even bring this subject up. But we already knew that about you Janet.

  10. Ahhh, there’s Miss Dita Von Teese looking lovely. 🙂 Hard to believe that she was ever married to horror show Brian Hugh Warner (Marilyn Manson).

    Is that Claudia Schiffer in the center? Very pretty as well. How she put up with that creepy David Copperfield is beyond me. I thought he played for the home team anyway.

    Why do beautiful women date/marry such duds?

  11. This is this woman’s biggest problem? Give me a break. I’m worried sick too Walt.

  12. Walt and Diva, I’m so worried about her scrawny ass in flats or high heels that I’m not sure I’ll be able to scarf down all the delish food planned for today. lol

  13. @Diva

    I think it is up to us to start a telethon for this poor wench…..or perhaps have a funeral for her platform Louboutins.

    I’m so choked up I can hardly type. I think I need a prozac drip. 🙂

  14. I have an extra large box of kleenex to hand around for those who need to dry their eyes over this story.

  15. @Diva

    There’s no need to bring food to this particular funeral. Victoria has requested scratch and sniff cards be handed out to everyone. No point in actually stuffing ourselves with a calorie.

    I hear the first scratch and sniff is Sturgeon Beluga caviar!! 🙂

  16. @Denise

    Thank God your here. I was so worried. Can I offer you a scratch and sniff card?

    Have you seen Patrick or Leo or YoYo or…..


  17. When will women wise up and realize that wearing high heels is a modern version of Japanese women making themselves more attractive to men ‘binding’ their feet?

    Wearing high heels is painful, it deforms your feet and causes posture & back problems. What is sexy about THAT?

    Women need to quit torturing themselves. They’re just chasing an illusion.

  18. I really have never gotten the attraction for dangerous high heels. I remember an old girlfriend back in the day calling them, “fuck me shoes.” Really? Fuck me shoes? Well listen babe it ain’t the shoes that turn me on. Or the purse, or any other high priced accessory and I think I speak for most men. So who are the women’s playing to with those aspects of so called fashion? Other women’s?
    And Kat needs a little more vitamin sun judging by that pic. She also bears some resemblance to Yoko.

  19. The only person that gives 2 shits about Victoria Beckham is……..

    Victoria Beckham!!

  20. Oh right, Dita.whoops
    And that was before my morning pick me up.
    Why would I comfuse Kat with Dita? It must be the German thing.
    Hey, they’re sure not playing “down” Irene in the news today!

  21. Let’s face it, women really dress for other women, cause as was stated here, men don’t normally notice such things unless they are gay or in the fashion industry. Here’s a thought for Mrs. Beckham, if you are so embarassed at the thought of going out in public with flats, why don’t you stay home! Either that or cripple yourself permanently so you end up in a wheelchair which will put terrible creases in all your clothes. Idiot.

  22. casonia sade logenberry..Hells kitchen hope that elisa gets the boot? Jennifer keep up the good work and who else is weak! Poor Tommy speak up sexy man or your butt is gone! Everything is coming to a head! says:

    High Heels are not for every one in this world and matter of fact your limited in so many ways and sexy flats can be really nice in so many ways but…Victoria my Dear you are so Beautiful any way that no one is going to be looking at your feet..You have such a Beautiful face and lovely hands and your really trim and slim and you have really nice legs and of course your toe nails are incredible and so…I really can’t see a problem?

  23. No Patrick, Irene is coming up the east coast and the eye is supposed to be to the left of Boston. What a way to end the summer.

    If I whooshed up to Canada, throw me a line will ya?

  24. @Patrick

    Have you heard from your buddy Reta? Hope she is doing well.

  25. No I don’t Patrick, but if I manage to hang onto my laptop, I’ll look for directions. 🙂

    Stay safe fellow eastcoasters.

  26. Casonia: Lovely person, vote for 32 year old Asian woman who needs a boyfriend bad.

  27. be sure you don’t have size 14.5 like paris & sister have………..

  28. I think she is Leo. Although I agree with yoyo, they do look like H&M mannequins.

  29. Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen Tommy please speak up more!Elisa was trying to throw you under the Bus with the Beef Wellingtons and you really layed into her and..I Really like that action from you? Elisa you claim you never make the same mistake twic says:

    Dear Elisa your Rude and you are Mean and you step all over people feelings and..I know I would not let you talk that way to me..I would had been there? Victoria is such a Beautiful Woman and she looks great no matter what she puts on her body and she does have pretty feet and of course she is very Beautiful woman and should not worry about one single thing!

  30. why dont you post on the hells kitchen site so they can read what you say. why do you write about hells kitechen when the picture is of victoria beckhan.

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