Sure, she’d like you to think she’s walking away – but Tyra GOT CANCELLED. On Monday she called her staffers together for a meeting and made the announcement that the show was cancelled. Tyrannical Tyra does NOT treat her employees well like Oprah does- they were the last to know. She’s always given them chintzy Christmas gifts and this year they got pink slips. She told everyone to get their resumes together. An insider told us the show was cancelled simply because it cost too much – it never recovered financially from the move from LA to NY that Tyra insisted on, plus Tyra’s salary was huge.


  1. Ha ha, I knew from the beginning she did not just quit and that she was in fact cancelled. She is ultimately a liar with a bad to mediocre show. I can’t stand her because she always bragged that she had many many gay friends. She will get hers, oh yeah, she did get hers (cancelled). Yes !!

  2. Isn’t the whole idea to maintain your show, work with your boss, be reasonably nice to people, don’t work your self out of your job by making crazy salary demands. Then why do some people think they are so indispensible?

    Don’t worry about Tyra. She will re-emerge in the Oprah new channel after begging and pleading with o.

  3. I can’t stand Tyra! She seems to be an egotistical mess. I watch the model show, but have to mute it when she comes on cause I can’t stand her obnoxious ways. I’ve tried her talk show a few times out of curiosity and same thing, just have to mute it when she’s talking she’s so annoying!

  4. There is just something about her that spells m.e.a.n. person.

  5. I have a tough enough time watching her on Americas Next Top Model

    I have never seen her talk show, BUT It seemed that she was a cross between Jerry Springer and Oprah

  6. HATERS!!!!! Please! Why is Janet the only reporting the cancellation???? She’s WRONG more often than she is right

  7. I myself thought she was pulling an Oprah and gracefully bowing out at the top (I don’t watch her show, but I find her wigs distracting.) This seems more like the truth. Oprah had a good reason to end her show: her new network. Tyra doesn’t.

    I believe Janet’s story.

  8. There must have been many HATERS, since she was cancelled. I always got the feeling she was trying go get across that she was so nice and kind, but inside she is NOT. She was tight-fisted with her employees and they could not stand her….this fact is documented.

  9. I have heard she is AC/DC. Anyone else? The few times I watched her boring show, she always got in a good word for faggots/lesbians. Always.

  10. With Tyra it’s always about Tyra. The Soup personifies this fact on their show, usually on a regular basis.

  11. This is from the D LIST…so Janet is right haters..

    Ty Ty The Terrible

    On Monday, Ty Ty announced that she was hanging up her talk show wig next year after 5 seasons. Well, some of her employees claimed that they learned that they might have to sell ass on the stroll next year through their Google RSS feeds. Apparently, they heard the news with the rest of us. And now they are pissed, so they’re running off to Gatecrasher to barf about how working for Tyranasaurus Rex was as pleasant as a motorboat from Pinhead. The Devil Wears The Raquel Welch Wig Collection!

    Here’s what some of her current and past employees had to say:

    “There had been high turnover of employees for years. It was pretty difficult to work for Tyra. She and the higher-ups on the production staff could be extremely brutal. She really is a diva.” – One scorned bitch

    “Everything had to be done Tyra’s way.” – A former employee who prefers to remain nameless for fear that she will never ever be able to buy a wig in this town again!

    “Honestly, I don’t know how it would be to work under her. But for me, it was a good experience. Tyra just knows how she likes things done. And as for her ‘diva-ness,’ well, it sells.”- Tyra….I mean..some source.

    “When the show moved from L.A. to New York, several staffers weren’t even directly told about the change – they heard through the grapevine that it was going to move locations. Even so, a lot of those people gave up their lives on the West Coast so they could continue working for the show. Now they’re out of luck.” – Another source

    Tyra’s not a diva bitch! She’s a survivor! Anyone who watches her show knows this. I mean, she always knows what her guests are going through, because she has had a similar experience when it comes to everything from feline AIDS to a botched colonic to the consumption. Ty Ty has been there too!

    And as Ivana Trump would say, don’t get mad, get everything! Seriously, on the last day of work all her scorned employees should show up with empty cardboard boxes and a few strong cousins. Clean that storage closet out!

  12. Tyra is so totally full of herself, she really does thinks the world revolves around her. And she really does treat her employees like cr*p. One of her ex-employees went on some show (forget which show), sat in the shadows and testified that she treated them like dirt under her feet. I’m glad she is gone.

  13. Tyra is an egomaniac – of the “I’m a fierce black woman” variety – and a total bore. She represents her generation – thirty-somethings seem to think that whatever their limited knowledge and life-experience, it is enough to make them extra special and worthy of unlimited adoration. They never stretch themselves on any level.

  14. Tyra is so overrated. She quit Victoria’s Secret because Gisele Bundchen was the star, and not her. Then she started this mediocre talk-show and now she gets cancelled for being a diva. What a life story.

  15. She’s still got ANTM, and that’s the best show on broadcast tv.

  16. I am glad her show got cancel. Never liked the woman and never thought she was a good talk show hostess. She is more of a big mouth.

  17. So what, nobody watched that show anyhow. Just please do not take off ANTM!!

  18. She will never, ever be the next Oprah. She is too ‘ghetto’…Her audience is more like Maury rejects than Oprah worshippers. Does anyone take anything she says seriously? She’s all flash with no substance. And apparently quite the Tyrannosaurus.

  19. Wow…It never ceases. People overlook all the positive things, and blowup on the petty negative things. Tyra’s talk show has a very large fan following. It made it 5 seasons, and won 2 emmy awards. Because of these facts, Tyra being canceled doesn’t make business sense. Tyra is LOVED DO MUCH by her fans, that she will be able to survive in whatever she chooses to do.

  20. tyra was cancelled because all her queer boys have generated over to Wendy williams, tyra thought after having won some talk show awards that people thought she was important to the world, well neither she nor thet other phoney OPRAH are really worth a social damm. wendy is just the right trash for a trash society

  21. If you ask me all yall hoes are stupid!!!!!!!! get a life and stop bashing people with them!!!!!! Come on be Realistic why the hell would a show that has one 2 Em.s in the past Few years be Canceled… All you Tyra Haters Get a hobby!!!!! What you say really Doesnt Matter Shes still going to be on top!!! Even after She QUITS the talk show…( which hurts me dearly)

    any feed back twitter me(http://twitter.com/totaltyrafan)

  22. Tyra Banks is all about Tyra Banks. In life you have your ups and downs. Hopefully she will stay down and Hollywood will come up with some real talent for a change. I doubt that will happen.

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