What was director Michael Mann THINKING when he decided to have his two good looking leading men decked out with MUSTACHES? (AKA female repellants) Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx are a big draw for women who don’t ordinarily want to see cop shootem-up explosion movies. But what a letdown for us females when BOTH starring actors sport unattractive facial hair! Colin wore a droopy Pancho Villa mustache and Jamie suffered the indignity of a Van Dyck pointy beatnik beard. No thanks, Mr Mann, we’d rather go see “The Devil Wears Prada” again!


  1. Crack is for licking, not for Smoking, Janet. Loosen up a bit.

  2. Reading that both Jamie and Colin like to go down on women (Just ask that crazy black broad who’s suing Colin and Carmen Electra who everyone seems to go down on) just think of those staches as flavor savors for them.
    Besides, the movie will most likely bomb.

  3. I like the new and improved more sociable Colin and have to agree, he’s much better without the hairy upper lip.

  4. WTF was the purpose of this story? For the blind people who can’t see the trailer or promo pics themselves? This site is a JOKE…..

  5. Mustaches are definitely girl repellant! Pretty disgusting! Is it real or just glued on by the Makeup person?
    I actually once made my date shave his chest. And he was happy to do it!

  6. Here’s what’s funny. Watch Miami Vice in reruns. Don Johnson’s sprayed ‘n styled hair actually looks girly.
    Colin is cute, but DJ had the FACE. And his partner was much cuter than the stand-in. (Hollywood… PLEASE quit making movies from TV shows.)

  7. i agree 100%! they should have aimed at the female audience and played up their looks. cheese balls! no thanks is right! ughhh!

  8. Who cares about the facial hair! They are both hot. This will not prevent me from seeing the movie. I’m assuming they are playing undercover cops and that would account for this look.

  9. Seriously-what WAS he thinking?
    It looks used car salesman-ish.
    Miami men do NOT look like that.

  10. agree 7:25… I don’t get it either. Cuz Miami it ain’t.
    But then David Caruso with white skin and black suits is supposed to be Miami too… ha!

  11. Ewwww!
    Any guy who is too lazy to shave his face is probably too lazy to wipe his ass. Either way he stinks!

  12. I’m female and into guys, and I love moustaches! Some of us grew up on Magnum P.I. y’know. Please fellas, don’t shave or wax that chest until you know which way your lover likes it. I couldn’t date a guy with a hairless bod, and I’m not sure if I could date a guy without facial hair. “Clean-shaven” quickly turns into painfully stubbly to rub against, grown in beard or ‘tache is much softer (good idea to condition though).

  13. Colin Farrell is like your little kid brother who’s always getting in trouble!

  14. Down with human hair and anything human!
    Bring on the drones

  15. yep… gotta have the chest hair! No wax jobs, please!

  16. They should just have remade the movie with the original tv actors — they were much better choices — Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas

  17. As a woman, I am a HUGE fan of the original and I LOVED the new staches. I want to know why they put an asian opposite Ferrell? It would have been much steamier with a statuesque blond.

  18. As a woman, I am a HUGE fan of the original and I LOVED the new staches. I want to know why they put an asian opposite Ferrell? It would have been much steamier with a statuesque blond.

  19. ditto Hailey. The original guys can’t be replaced. Don Johnson is older now but he could’ve worked out for a couple months and Philip Michael Thomas has those way-gorgeous eyes. Not happy with the casting. : (

  20. Jan remember what I said when the movie ended? Even with the mustache (which I HATE),I still couldn;t take me eyes off Colin :0)

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