This picture is dedicated to all the readers who DOUBTED us when we told you who the winner of Rockstar Supernova would be – WEEKS before the finale. Winner and new bandmember Lukas Rossi looks like he was a very personal choice for Tommy Lee – they obviously have a lot in common!

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46 thoughts on “TOMMY LOVES LUKAS

  1. Looks like not only did Tommy give Pam Hep C and Herpes, he now is going to give it to looseass Rossi

  2. I would love to see Tommy Lee kiss Rush Limbaugh. Fellatio for the ages!

  3. we now know the true criterion for winning rockscam supernova – tommy has to want to make out with you…

  4. i still like the both of them. this is not nausating, people! get real!

  5. lukas is dating pornstar Kendra jade, so i am sure that picture is just a joke

  6. Whew – Dilana girl I think 2nd place is DEFINITELY a blessing after looking at that picture aptly titled “Horn Dog on Skanky Skunk”!!!

  7. Who knew puerile Christian prudes like those above frequented gossip websites?
    That pic is totally hot.

  8. Nothing like showing your prejudice there Shojua. And YES you are pre judging these people without knowing them.
    That might be your cup of tea but not for everyone.

  9. Yes, I admit: I’m prejudiced against homophobic assholes who make comments like “Eew! Yuk!” at a picture of two guys kissing.

  10. If you werent such morons , you would know Lukas Rossi has a girlfriend ( who was also there and photographed with him that night at the record release party).
    Lukas is not gay and tommy gets the hottest women on the planet.
    idiots. This was obviously in good fun.

  11. Well, I guess it was bound to get out sooner or later. Tommy’s bisexuality was the real reason Pamela left him.

  12. At least Tommy doesnt pretend to be somethind hes not.Kendra jade is a Pornstar who has been on screen with mant different people and now goes around saying she is so ready to be exclusive to lukas Rossi?Go toKenra jade through google and see her site where she is asking for gifts from men including someone to pay 13000 for her collapsing implants!!Check it out!


  14. i love this pic! its funny, not sick and they’re not gay, you retards. i just wanted to say the Janet Charlton is a manipulative bitch. I cant stand people like her who make a living off of spreading lies and making other people look bad. I think that this picture shows that they are both comfortable enough with their sexuality (straight) and they’re both confident enough to joke around like that.

  15. I doubt Lukas or Tommy are gay! They are too manly,sexy etc. to be gay. I still love them both!!!!!!

  16. Wasnt he dating that model Erin Nass?He must be all fucked up to have screwed up yet another relationship with what seemed to be a beautiful sweet girl..

  17. oh my god…this makes me wet!!!! i don’t care if this is real or just a publicity stunt, its still hot as hell! i would still do both of them…even at the same time! it would fulfill my fantasy of being with two guys at once!

  18. I know that Tommy Lee and Lucas Rossi aren’t gay. But it only takes one picture and one person (Janet Charlton)to make fun, Into a bashing. Keep this in mind Janet. Alot of people have died for being Shit Stirrers. You may like to burn bridges, but i hope for your sake. You will leave a way out.

  19. *sighs* i can’t love a man with herpes…And he was so cute…

  20. Lukas and his porn starred 30 yr old girlfriend posted they were getting married. She is a real clever and manipulating little whore. The band is losing alot do to her dirty little tricks. Deleting from friends, she goes to web sites and pretends she is Luckas. She is desperat at 30 and sagging boobs she would almost anything to get that wedding date asap

  21. VERY SEXY !!!!!! women have been doing it for years! bout time some sexy men show us what its all about!!!!!

  22. Ohoo soooo hott! two hotties in one picture the best picture you can find sooo hott!;P

  23. I am friends of both Lukas & Kendra and what makes any of you people think you know anything about them? They are both truly amazing people inside and out. You are entitled to your opinions of course, but how would you liked to be judged for the life you lead? Nobody is perfect. Maybe we should all remember that.

  24. too bad Phil Varone, and Phil Anselmo and not there to join in 🙂

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