Tila Tequila is usually quite predictable and not all that interesting, but two new elements in her life have aroused our curiosity. Apparently she is hot and heavy with a guy as opposed to a girl – and he happens to be Dave Navarro. What’s more, she’s driving a new Lamborghini. Whether these situations are related is not known, but for some reason we WERE surprised by the Navarro connection. They’ve been seen out together several times and she was photographed leaving his apartment.

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  1. They are two more reasons to which the following sentence applies: Gutter rats have higher morals.

  2. Ugh!! He really must have a grudge against his pee pee!! She is nasty and disgusting. Surely she is STD’d up!!

  3. Bettye: He is a pretty famous rock musician who played in Jane’s Addiction, and used to be married to Carmen Electra. I know musicians are famous for bedding pretty much anything with a warm hole in it, but Tila T. is probably the skankiest insane no talent leech on the periphery of the entertainment field.

    She has been flinging her fake tits against every wall, male, and female she could find in a desperate pathetic attempt to suck the celebrity, money, and attention out of them and put it on her. Besides being “engaged” to the late Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey, Tila has whored herself on a skanky TV show looking for a mate with both males and females TWICE (or was it 3 times?). She claimed to be pregnant but magically no baby ever appeared, no bump, no nuttin.

    She’s gone shopping in underwear and garter belt, obviously calling the paps herself first. It’s mind boggling to me that ANY authentic person of talent would associate themselves with her in any way shape or form. Pretty much career suicide, if not actual suicide because she most likely is festering many exotic deadly creatures in her nether regions.

  4. Reta and Bluejay, Dave Naverro wrote, or cowrote Pat Benatar’s We Belong, one of the great mainstream rock songs of the mid-eighties. If that was the ONLY thing he did, he would be set.

  5. Benatar was pretty awesome and great to dance to. I’m not questioning in the least Dave’s talents as a musician or writer, just as a man capable of picking out a female that won’t kill him in one way or another. This chick is definitely the bottom of the bottom of the proverbial barrel of rotten creatures.

  6. Reta, I completely agree, RE Tequila. She is gross. Probably reminds Patrick of his own mom.

  7. I love how Reta goes to Wiki than comes across as the fucking know it all. Hey RITA..I’ve been SPOONED by that asshole.
    Bettye. You get a hug.Poor dear.

  8. Tila, gives gutter rats a bad name. She a sewer leech that tries to hang on to anyone famous.

  9. Dave also did a stint with the Red Hot Chili Peppers during one of John Frusciante’s leaves of absence. He is really scraping the bottom of the barrel if he’s hooking up with that fame whore.

  10. I love how Carmen Electra’s name can sometimes come up in the defense of someone like Dave. She was one of the first celebrity skanks, along with Pamela Anderson Lee.

  11. She a slant-eye fame whore who was screwing the black Shawn Merriman until he gave her a whipping for also licking many clams. She should be sent back to Saigon.

  12. strom you racist asshole pig…she’s not FROM Saigon. Your suppositions are as off as your brain (or brian hahahahhaha)…by the way, what do YOUR beautiful eyes look like? You act as tho you have a long pedigree… care to share Your Highness???

  13. Denise, yes I remember when he was with the Chili Peppers. He also was a judge on a TV show looking for a lead singer for the band Rock Star Supernova which he was in as well. I didn’t think much of the guy who won.

  14. Reta, the guy that won that contest was awful. Also the band short was lived which was just as well.

  15. These two look like a love connection.

    Maybe some of yal should look at your marriages a little closers as these two love birds look like they’ll be together for the end of time.

    Wonder how hot she is in the sack ?

  16. We beat this horse to death in 2005.
    Is there ever any skinny on real rockers?
    Sunseeds, Dick Dale just played here. Does he ever do Memphis?

  17. He lives in an apartment?! What happened to his cool house that he owned when he was married to Carmen Electra…she get it in the DEE-vorce?!

  18. So, Patrick, you went from licking dogs to beating off horses? Interesting!

  19. Denise, I couldn’t believe that guy they picked to be lead singer on that show. He actually made me cringe. WHAT a creep. Looked oily, puny (much like Dave Navarro himself) and desperate. Had a giant round head like a melon with a black mohawk wig. Just a big poseur. I think his tiny self has pretty much dissappeared now, except his wife who was on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for drug and sex addiction. YUCK, if I had to have sex with that creep, i’d be a MAJOR doper!

  20. tila is going to contract std’s from that greasy little fecal stain.

  21. Tila was skanky even then.

    Amazingly, the Pied Piper was also busybodying posters instead of the thread, even then.

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