Her Arab boyfriend is the best thing that’s ever happened to Janet Jackson. Rumors abound that she’s engaged, and after several years of dating Wissam Al Mana they are most likely true. Billionaire businessman Wissam comes from Qatar – the world’s richest country. He’s educated, refined, and worldly, and he’s teaching Janet about the finer things in life. Her two husbands and assorted boyfriends have not been particularly successful on their own and had little to offer her. We wonder if Janey brought Wissam home to meet her family for the holidays – she’s been very hesitant to do so.(Above, they’re shopping at American Rag– a few blocks from where we live!)

Photo via: Daily Mail

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  1. Can the new guy deal with her family and their greedy, grubby backstabbing shenanigans?

  2. How many additional wives will he be taking on? She looks like the Grinch with those cheeks

  3. nope, i doubt theyll last…. anyway, arabs rarely interbreed with blacks for obvious reasons

  4. He knows about the finer things in life? You sure couldn’t tell it by looking at him. Yuck!

  5. So it seems XYZ is Strom. Or can there be another moron with the same limited mental abilities, repetitive ideas and sexist/racist dogma trolling a gossip site?

  6. Sure, it is ABC who hides behind many handles.

    strom is only strom, no one else.

  7. Strom is only Strom, no one else.
    Nobody cares. You deranged, fucking, weiner.
    Sue me.

  8. He actually seems like a nice guy but JJ needs to find out if he wants multiple wives or he’ll be faithful to her.

  9. Strom, you kinda screwed yourself with the multiple personalities/names on this site. Sure, you’re XYZ!

    As for the bf, no middle eastern guy ever sees the woman as his equal. Never. It ain’t in the genes.

  10. Heard he’s worth over 200 million….and has the franchise on high end fashion (think LV-Hermes-Armani) in the Middle East.Never understood when these women wear such clothes since they must be covered from head to toe in black robes…but I digress….he’s a great catch-well educated and obviously knows clothes (tho this pic is not good).One problem might be the Muslim ideology but maybe he’s Westernized..hope so for JJ’s sake.

  11. The problem with all the dibble is no one can point out where strom is inaccurate! Those complaining must be very limited mentally. The Pied Piper will have them in line very soon.

  12. Einstein, The rate then has obviously increased and will continue to increase until the entire race is infected wit the disease. Call for Mr. Hope & Change!

  13. The Quran calls for the destruction of Israel and America (the Great Satan). I would think long and hard before marrying a Muslim even for billions$. However, since Michael her brother converted, I’m sure Janet already has or he would not have proposed. I read that when several of the jacksons left the Jehovah’s Witnesses and became Muslims, their mother almost had a nervous breakdown. Their Allah is a false god and not the God of our Bible. Multitudes are being deceived, esp. the terrorits who think they will get 70 virgins in heaven after they blow up innocent victims and themselves. So you think this is a religion of peace? (9/ll)

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