Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper are careful to keep their romance as quiet as possible, so many observers question if they will really get married. Actually, there’s no doubt that they are very serious about each other. Renee, 41, and Bradley, 35, have both moved into the 4.7 million dollar house they renovated together. What’s more, Renee’s favorite designer Carolina Herrera is currently putting the finishing touches on Renee’s wedding dress, so the probability of a marriage just spiked.


  1. i am all for love and those in
    any time
    any where
    for as long as it can last……

  2. Please tell us that you at least got a decent handbag, Best Buy gift certificate, free tire rotation…SOMETHING tangible for the grease job you’re providing for this wannabe matinee idol and his Calvin-Coolidge-faced BEARD??

    In the internet era, too many people are well acquainted with Cooper’s, er, private life in NYC, to buy the story that he’s taken up fish full-time.

    Oh, hang on a minute, just re-read this thing: “careful to keep their romance as quiet as possible…” is meant to be IRONY— knowing as you do how voraciously these two court pap attention.

    OK, I see what you did here. All is good. 🙂

    (Oh, and where are Renee’s ubiquitous double-fisted cups of soy-latte-maraschino-espresso-sanka-salmonella-grandes?? Starbucks will not be pleased.)

  3. I’ve seen them together in LA. She’s whippet-thin, he’s quite handsome. He looks like what Ralph Fiennes used to look like.

  4. What a great couple! And so over-the-moon in love!

    These two together remind me of old, classic Hollywood—Rock Hudson and Phyllis Gates, to be precise.

  5. Luckily, she is probably — between her age and her eating disorders — barren. He has got something weird going on around or with his eyes, and the lower half of her face is rather odd. If they reproduced the kids would look like Siamese cats.

  6. renee is most def a beard, but if they are friends and they want to play house, join the rest of hollywood.

  7. I love Renee, she seems like such a nice down to earth girl. Stop making fun of her, pick on someone Like Charlie Sheen.

  8. Every time we see pics of Squinty Eyes, she’s wearing those hideous workout pants. She looks like she just reeks of bad hygiene.

  9. The house they bought together is spectacular.

    And the attached suite that Brad insisted on for their poolboy is pretty nice, too. 🙂

  10. Carolina Herrera put Renee on the style map. With CH, Renee would NOT know how to dress herself. CH has created some beautiful gowns for RZ. Well, I still think this whole thing might just be a big arrangement.

  11. What’s wrong with her right leg? It looks like a collapsed muscle. And if BC can get past her whispery voice and always looking like she is sucking a lemon, then it must be true love. The whole thing is very strange. Very few real couples live in GollyWeird.

  12. Renee’s got more muscles than Bradley. Prediction: Bradley will dance with his mother first at the wedding.

  13. Does Lemon face expect another ‘fraud’ after the honeymoon? She sure likes guys that look like twinks.

  14. She is a good actress and he is on the rise. Good luck to both. I get the feeling that these two will last against your opinions.

  15. I definitely get the feeling this is another fake marriage like her first one was.

  16. The true state of her health, despite 3x daily visits to the gym, is revealed by her hair, which is just as limp, dull and lifeless as Bradley’s cock will be on the “wedding night.”

  17. Sources say Carolina has also prepared a wedding dress which can accommodate a fake pregnancy pad, in case there are any last minute changes to the script.

  18. LOL, Bruce, I have never seen her hair look healthy, thick and stylish. It looks limp, thin, dirty, and fine. Even on the red carpet, it looks horrible.

  19. PS: I heard a hairdresser say once that if your hair looks like hell, it doesn’t matter if your dress cost thousand$.

  20. Indy, too right. Rene’s hair is under-nourished and over-processed, like her career.

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