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The countdown begins. A lot of people are eagerly anticipating the release of “The Runaways” next year. This was a revolutionary jailbait band in the drugged up 70’s – all the girls were 16 and under. Kristen Stewart is playing Joan Jett and she’s already drawn a lot of attention to the movie. The story is based on the book by bandmember Cherie Currie called “Neon Angel.” The photo above features the real Cherie Currie, who just turned 50, on her right is Dakota Fanning who plays Cherie in the movie and on her left is Riley Keough, who plays her sister Marie Currie.

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  1. …………..the “SHITTING-POSE” is sitting in the netherlands.

  2. Can’t wait for the movie! Wonder if it will be watchable?

    Someone suggested I friend Kim Fowley on Facebook! Wonder who’s playing him? I wonder if it’s in IMDB?

  3. Another scheme for hollywood to keep us thinkin’ it’s not so bad to foster sex and immorality in young people, and not blame adults for taking advantage of them. Shame …

  4. She looks awesome for 50! Not that that is alll that old or anything, but she is beautiful!

  5. Riley certainly gets her good looks from Grandma Priscilla Presley, NOT from
    Mama Lisa Marie!

  6. I dunno, to me she looks a lot like Lisa Marie.

    Too bad there’s no one who does look exactly like Priscilla (pre-surgery); I thought she was gorgeous!

  7. I thought everyone knew that Riley was Elvis’s grand-kid. Riley did not get any of Elvis’s features. Lisa Marie got E’s features, which looked good on him, but not too great on her, imho. Word on the street is that Riley has already ‘learned’ a great deal, clubbing and partying and has gone through several boyfriends.

  8. Poster number one your dead on. I thought to myself, WOW this is the best Jerry Hall has looked in years. Who’s her plastic surgeon?

  9. it’s the other way around…Dakota is on the left, Riley is on the right.

  10. Cherie Currie is the biggest most arrogant cheapskate of all the celebrities I’ve ever encountered. I am sure Joan Jett and Lita Ford are as nice as they seem. Cherie you are the biggest A-hole!

  11. I liked the movie and though it was great and what was nice about the movie was another point of view and the creativeness of the music and the stress and tention they went throw on the road.

  12. Going on the road with jail bait has to be major hard for the men that taged along but Bands are formed and people pick the directions they want to go but yes the music was the set up for the future of Rock and Roll for the future and this ladies where the break throws for the future….So it was good to see the true story of teens that are wonderful Queens of Rock and Roll Music of the Days.

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