Certainly they endured a LOT when they were married, but Charlie Sheen’s two ex-wives Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards have been living large for years on his child support payments. Brooke comes from a wealthy family so her $55,000 a month went a long way, but Denise had to manage on $25,000 a month. When Charlie’s finances took a dive, Denise voluntarily cut back to $20,000. Charlie’s financial crisis worsened and now he says he owes millions to lawyers, the IRS, and mortgages, and he’s going to court to drastically cut child support payments. Smart Denise took a lucrative job on Real Housewives because she wants to keep her two horses and owes the stable caring for them a lot of money. Time to cut back or get a job!

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  1. Charlie owes more money to his drug dealers & pimps. What a waste of living he is.

  2. Denise is the ex-wife who has cared for ALL the children when Brooke was deemed not fit to be a mother. She voluntarily took a cut in child support and has still not involved her kids in Sheen’s aggressive attacks on her. She has even encouraged him to have a relationship with his kids during and after this time.

    Compare this to Angelina Jolie, worth $100+ million, who has done her best to expose her children, via media, to aggressive attacks on Brad Pitt and “allegedly” alienate them from their father.

    Big difference. Team Denise here!

  3. Also Team Denise. She has proven herself to be a good mom. Even to her ex husband’s other children. And what a spot on comparison of Charle to Angelina. Pretty much sums it up. I wondered when Angelina was going to show her true colors. And I like Anglina but to pull that crap with your kids? Grow up and move on like Denise did. PS if you think Denise is raising 5ose kids on that 20k in LA you are sadly mistaken. I just hope she stays above the fray of those housewives like she did with Charlie.

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